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Posted on August 15th, 2009 by melinda in About Me

aboutmemelinda … wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt & friend.  Loves to read, hates to clean.  Loves her church, enjoys her job.  Open minded yet moderate, hopefully non judgmental.  Not spoiled but loved alot. Misses her mama every single day,  most happy when surrounded by  family & close friends.  Head over heels crazy about her daughters, in love with her handsome – hardworking  husband.  Adorer of  baby niece and her daddies, even if they call me a “bfl” on a regular basis.  Daddy’s girl & number one supporter.  Mini cooper driving, convertable top loving.  Camper having, outdoor enjoying (especially on the front porch with “my friends”) … mostly just a very blessed small town southern girl living on the edge of a creek called “The Devil’s Track”

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