* butthead brad & the very bad box …

Posted on August 15th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I have come to the conclusion that my brother in law is trying to cause me to overdose.  I think it’s because they want to keep my husband here and if I’m out of the way there is no reason for him to leave TN.  Oh, Brad is a sneeky one … he is setting his plot in motion under the guise of being sweet.  I see right through him.  I am way smarter than your average bear.  Did you just snicker?  I think I heard you snicker!

Yesterday morning, I wake up to this …


I tried not to go near the bad box.  I really really tried.  But as I confessed in this post from way back when … I am not very good at just saying “no” when it comes to donuts. 


I swear it called my name melinda oh melinda c’mere sweet melinda … I heard it.  I heard it loud and clear!  It sounded like mermaids singing.  really it did.


I caved. gave up. buckled to the pressure of the singing donut box.


72 donuts later … this is all that is left.  Remnants of the crack donut feast in a box.  A very bad box!

Brad should be ashamed of himself.

Now if you will excuse me … I have to go puke.  Thank you very much.


5 Comments on “* butthead brad & the very bad box …”

  1. Frannie....

    So you ate all the crack…..shame shame……We all know what makes you high.

    Like the new look of Life on the Edge of the Devil’s Track.

  2. melinda

    you don’t sound surprised that I nearly overdosed on donuts? I would’ve thought that may come as a shocking revelation. Now I’m confused. Glad you like the new look. I am holding Thad captive making him do all the work. Some more changes are on the way, but hopefully it will make our blog easier to navigate. miss you & love you. Btw, your son and grand daughter are at the PBR tonight, it’s on tv.

  3. purejoy

    it could have been worse. it could have been a box of HOT krispy kreme donuts. the end result would have been an EMPTY box. cheer up, today is a new day.

  4. Heather

    You better have one in your pocket for me!

  5. melinda

    are you high? what donuts? I don’t know about any donuts! that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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