* Sunday morning catch up …

Posted on August 16th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Goodmorning.  Welcome to our new blog layout!  I know I know … some of you do not like change and are probably freaking out a little bit.  It’s ok.  I hate change myself, but for practical blog reasons I needed to make some changes.  The other layout had way too much hard coded html and wasn’t designed for the amount of bloggy stuff we are doing.  Listen to me … I kind of sounded like I might have a clue what I’m talking about.  I don’t.  So here we are.  Our newly redecorated blog house.  Just pretend like you painted, put down new floors & rearranged the furniture.  It’s the same place, same stuff just with a new look.  I would be interested to know what you don’t like about it.  Feel free to leave some comments about what you like or don’t like.  We still have some graphics work to do but I think the layout of information is pretty much finished for now. 

And now on to my Sunday.  In just a little bit, Anna and I will be heading back over the mountains and thru the woods to our house.  I’m more than a little sad to be leaving.  We’ve had a really nice long visit and I could get use to spending my days taking care of this girl …



She makes me smile. 

And this guy …


Will be staying here in TN for a little while longer. 

I will probably only cry for the 1st hour of the drive home.  I usually manage to suck it up about the time we hit interstate 40.  Anna says if I cry, I cannot ride home with her.  Good thing she is not the boss of me. 

I am excited that I will be seeing this girl …


I’ve missed her.  Anna kind of missed her too. maybe. a little bit.

And … I’m a little concerned that this guy ….


has kidnapped Dozer.  Apparantly Dozer has been chillin’ with the guys while his mama has been out of town.

And maybe, this guy …


will have me some dinner cooked when I get home!

If you get a chance, say a quick prayer for our travels today. 


5 Comments on “* Sunday morning catch up …”

  1. Bobbi

    Have a safe trip home. I was shell shocked yesterday when I saw the new blog. I said, why did she go & change it, I know where everything is & I like it that way. Today I am over the initial shock (not too good with change but I’m learning) & I have to say I like it alot! It is very professional looking. I like things that look professional just ask Haley, she’ll tell you. The old blog was great but I think this one looks fresh & clean. Maybe it is all the white, I don’t know but it looks very nice. Great Job!

  2. purejoy

    i like the new look, but your camper needs to be BIGGER!! looks like you all had a nice visit!!

  3. Donna

    Hey! I like the new layout. Keep up the good work!

  4. Heather

    I like the new look! I have missed you bunches and have lots to talk to you about next week. Hope you made it home safely!

  5. melinda

    missed you too and you must be sick … what are you doing reading and commenting on the blog? I think I will call you a peep just for meaness.

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