* Bapa vs. Daddy Thad, round 1 …

Posted on August 18th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Emma Joy loves when her NC family comes to visit.  She gets to learn all sorts of new and important life lessons.  She especially loves when her Bapa feeds her sugar waffers for lunch, but we aren’t talking about that little episode.  Or … maybe we will!

This would be Thad, my younger silly brother, tyring to feed Emma Joy lunch after her Bapa just fed her like 41 sugar waffers.  Thad hasn’t yet figured out that Bapa law rules … parent law, not so much when Bapa is in the house, general area or same state as one of his grand daughters.  Just give up now Thad, it’s so much easier …


You want me to eat a banana?  Are you high?  Gimme back my good stuff!


Up next … Anna teaches Emma Joy a new trick.  Be sure you stop back by later &  check them out. 


7 Comments on “* Bapa vs. Daddy Thad, round 1 …”

  1. Amanda Lail

    LOL Brandon looked at Emma Joy’s pic with the banana and said “girl has my nana”, so guess that means he’ll eat it!! Too cute!

  2. chrisi

    bapa wins again! :)

  3. chrisi

    p.s. emma joy is learning early whose girl to be!

  4. Courtney

    Oh how precious!

  5. melinda

    does bapa not always win? I think it’s rigged

  6. chrisi

    yes! that’s why i love this game!

  7. Amy Barnes

    Cute Pics!! Bapa surely knows how to spoil. :o)

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