* enabling your brother in law 101 …

Posted on August 21st, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Yeah … it’s Friday.  Yeah … Richard is home for the weekend.  I think Sadie was is as excited to see him as I am.


And now … I have a bone to pick with either my brother, butthead Brad or both!  What is this and why is it at my house?


That big round tank thing was not in the bed of my truck when the truck left here.  It was not in my truck last week when I was in TN.  Did it just magically roll right up in the bed of my truck?  I think not.

There are rules you have to follow when Richard comes to play work at your house.  The #1 rule being:  do not and I repeat do not send junk from your house  to my house.  Richard has an addiction to junk.  He cannot simply walk away from any scrap of … well, anything.  It is humanly impossible for him to put something in the trash or dumpster.   And you my dear brother and butthead are little enablers.  Are you proud of yourselves?  Was it like a reward for all of his hard labor the past couple of weeks?   I feel sure Richard has some grand plan for his newly aquired water tank.  I mean since we are miles and miles from the nearest creek and all (if this confuses you, please see the BLOG TITLE), I can see that we are in desperate need of a big ole plastic water jug.  It nearly ranks up there with our need for another antique junk car or truck. 

He may be grounded from coming back to TN alone anymore. 

ps: Richard says “I am not the boss of him and I married him for better or worse, I must not have read the fine print about the junk collecting clause of our marriage contract”.  melinda says “she doesn’t remember Cathy saying anything about junk collections while she was performing our marriage”  Help me out here Cat.  You hitched me up to him.


3 Comments on “* enabling your brother in law 101 …”

  1. Jamie & Robin

    ahhh, but just think you get to spend the weekend with your husband…junk and all…LOL

  2. Emmy Black

    Your so funny ……miss you!!!!!!

  3. melinda

    oh yea spending the weekend with my husband is a great thing … I had just as well like the junk cause if I don’t love the junk I just at well find a new husband and that is entirely too much trouble.

    Emmy lou … I miss you too!

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