* um honey …

Posted on August 31st, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


I am officially missing my husband.  I haven’t seen him for over a week now.  I thought I would share with you the top 10 things one can do to occupy themselves while their husband is out of town:

#1. sleep on either side of the bed you want to or all over it if you choose to do so.

#2. eat pecan twirls and pringles for dinner.

#3. let your grass grow knee deep.

#4. have the tv remote all to yourself, no manly man tv for me.

#5. never have to worry about your fanny falling in the toilet cause the seat is never up.

#6. no new junk cars have arrived at my house in over 4 weeks.

#7. i am not brave enough to get rid of the ones that are already here, but I have day dreamed about it a bunch.

#8. wash only your laundry.

#9. read all the books you want, blog all you want and nobody even notices.

#10. throw away all of his holy socks, t shirts, blue jeans and underwear (without washing them) while he isn’t here to drag them back out of the trash can proclaiming “there is nothing wrong with these”!


Should you be really bored, feel free to come on over and join me … we might even take a walk on the wild side & open all of his unopened hot wheels cars that are hanging on my wall.  I bet he would find his way home in a big fat hurry if I started posting pictures of little opened hot wheels racing around our house.

ps: miss you honey.


4 Comments on “* um honey …”

  1. purejoy

    i’ve got a hot wheels track and i’m not afraid to go to the attic and fetch it and bring it on over.

    we could have a blast!

    loved #9. accompanied by a nice #2 = day in heaven.

  2. kendl

    I want to come over and play with his hotwheels!!! They were never really meant to be a wall decoration. LOL

  3. melinda

    kendl, come on over and I keep trying to tell him they aren’t made for hanging on walls. it’s my mother’s fault, she bought him those contraption things to put them in that hang on the wall. i think she did solely to punish me for some evil child hood deed.

  4. Amanda Lail

    I can send Brandon over there to help open those Hot Wheels!!! He would have a field day!! That is his favorite thing to do when we go to Wal-Mart is to get his dollar out of his pocket an by himself a new Hot Wheel!!! I dare not let him see this post or he will try and open them through the computer!!!!!!!!!

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