* here we come again …

Posted on September 4th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Hi.  I missed y’all.  Sorry I’ve been a slacker this week, I’ve had a head & chest cold that kicked my behind.  I am now on the mend and back to blogging, along with about 30 other things I’ve not accomplished this week.   I did manage to take myself to work today & get caught up on 2 days of not being there.  When I got home, I mowed our pasture yard much to our horses delight … they come a runnin’ when they hear the ole John Deer crank up.  Now that I have finished those task, I am doing laundry and fixin’ to pack a bag to head to TN bright and early in the morning.  I have pouted a bit about not going tonight and usually pouting gets melinda her way but her stubborn daddy did not give in this time … not sure what’s up with that.  7 hours in a car with me should straighten him right out!   Of course, I might ought to check with my husband as to when he plans on returning home cause 7 hours of my yappin’ may encourage my daddy to leave me in TN.   I might have to rethink that whole pouting thing.

Or … I could pout because all of my camping buddies are gone camping without me.  I know … I couldn’t believe it either.  How dare they?  What kind of friends would do that to me?  I mean … well, what I mean is … I am a big whiney baby and I want to have my cake and eat it too.  Speaking of cake, I need a snack.  Mowing made me hungry.  Anyway, they could’ve camped in TN in Thad’s yard, then I would’ve been fine, especially if we had left today and not tomorrow.  But nooo. 

Ok, I’m finished whining now.  I have to get off of here and go pack or I won’t be ready to leave at 8 am sharp.  And if you have ever met my father you will know that 8 am sharp really means 7:30 ish … drives me nuts. 

Happy long holiday weekend to you.  I hope you enjoy your time, whatever it is you may be doing.  Unless you are camping without me and then I hope you are really miserable and ashamed of yourselves, especially my bff who sent me pictures of them lounging on their camper’s front porch while I was slaving away at work today.  Fine, I don’t really mean that I want them to have a miserable time … just a less good time because they miss me so much.  I sound a little petty again don’t I?  Ok Ok, I hope they have fun.  and only get bee stung 1 time instead of the 32 I was day dreaming of earlier.  Or maybe they can just get chiggers or something less painful but annoying all the same.  Did that just slip out of my mouth?  oops. 

ps: love y’all.


3 Comments on “* here we come again …”

  1. Penny

    We all wish we could go. We had a great time there last month. Give Emma Joy a hug from me. Tell Thad and Brad hello from all of us. Have a safe trip and a GREAT time.

  2. melinda

    we aren’t leaving till 8 am sharp. pack a bag and come along.

  3. chrisi

    can’t wait til ya’ll are back. the homestead has been lonely.

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