* bed hogs …

Posted on September 11th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Happy Friday Night!  I am spending my evening at home trying to tidy up a bit because … Richard is on his way home, Harley and all.  He must be planning to stay for a while.  As much as I know he’s enjoyed being in TN and as much as I appreciate Thad, Brad & Emma Joy being so hospitable … I am really glad he’s coming home.  I’ve missed him.  What I have also missed is our bed.  When he isn’t here,  I seldom sleep in our bed … it just feels weird, so I sack out on the sofa most nights.  Sadie & Dozer have made good use of the bed space in his absence.  I’m afraid they will be a little shocked tonight when there is no room for them to stretch out far & wide.  I truly doubt Sadie will be overly concerned, as she will just crawl between Richard & myself and stretch out anyway.  She will be happy her daddy is home.  Dozer will whine, fuss and finally flop down at the foot of the bed making what will sound like a huge balloon losing air noise in the process.   Anna is not home tonight, so we will have to added bonus of Tulsa.  That dog is on crack.  ’nuff said. 


So anyway … in honor of Richard’s homecoming and because I would prefer him not leave again anytime soon, I have opted to stay home from the High School football game (go cougars)! and wash our sheets, clean the toilet read my book vacuum blog dust read some more get our house nicely organized finish my book because I have missed having him around to do those things for.  Ok, I’ve missed him but I haven’t really missed cleaning the toilet so much.  Speaking of sheets, I am pretty sure there are few things in life more cozy than climbing in your own bed with nice, clean, fresh, cool, crisp sheets … it just feels nice.  Especially if they are 1200 thread count or more.  My high thread count sheet addiction is not my fault, I blame it squarely on Thad & Brad … they created a monster the first Christmas they ever gave me really nice sheets.  I own 2 sets, I rotate them once in a while weekly.  If by some chance you aren’t yet a sheet snob, treat yourself to some really nice sheets … you can thank me later. 


I hear the washer calling my name … or it may be calling your name, maybe you should come over and check just to make sure.  Have a splendid weekend.  Looks like it’s gonna be a nice one.


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  1. Frannie....

    I have missed seeing you guys. I missed going to camp town over the Labor Day weekend. You know that is a big part of my social life. Kiss the grandpuppies for me and pat my son…hehe…..Tell Anna and Chrisi hello and hope to see you soon. Love frannie

  2. melinda

    We’ve missed you too! Your son arrived home safe & sound around 11 pm. I missed camping too, I told Cat I felt like I had been grounded from hanging out with my friends for some evil deed I wasn’t even aware I had committed. And be sure, if I committed an evil deed, I want to know about it. Hopefully we can all plan a trip for sometime in the near future. If I see either of my daughters long enough to tell them hello, I will be glad to pass that along … your grand puppies plus the crackhead dog are doing well, you need to drag my father in law outta the house & come over for a visit! love you.

  3. Marjorie Markham

    I do believe I would have to kick the dogs out of my bed if I had those kind of sheets on there. I, too, love high thread count sheets. Unfortunately I do not have Brad and Thad to blame for that. Just myself. I am glad Richard is home. I love seeing your dad and Chrisi at the game and wondered where you were. You missed one heck of a game. It was a definite nail biter.

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