* I will not be ugly, I will not be ugly …

Posted on September 17th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I must be upfront and tell y’all … I need an attitude adjustment today.  I am not thinking very Christian like thoughts at this given moment, and that bothers me immensely.  Why is it that other people, people you may not even know, who have a negative attitude affect your attitude?  Or does that only happen to me?  It’s quite possible that I take things way too personal.  I really wish I didn’t, but I do.  The majority of my family has the ability to view things with reason and logic … that gene just skipped right over me.  Whoof … right past my entire being. 

Seth, my old boss, use to tell me that I was adopted and I swear somedays I believe him.  Maybe I ought to actually check the vault at work for my adoption records just in case.  He tells me I came from a very, let’s say, unruly clan of folks.  His version goes something like this:  “your daddy was out patrolling one night and saw a little girl in her diaper running around on the mill hill, he felt bad for her because he knew she would have a rough life, so he picked her up (with her biological family’s permission of course) and took her home to Joy and they raised her happily ever after”.  Seth would laugh so hard while telling me this story … I miss hearing his laugh daily, he would slap his knee and watch my temperature gauge turn red. 

As I grow older, I am completely convinced that I am the clone of my mamaw.  Love her soul, she is the only reason I know for sure I am a true Bentley thru and thru.  She could get an attitude in a quick hurry.  In fact, she may have been in jail by now.  Wait, let me rephrase that, she may have been going back to jail, because she would have just recently been released from her unfortunate incarceration over the explosion she would have caused after the letter to the editor incident several years back.   I really miss my mamaw.  We could’ve been good jail cell mates.  She would’ve kept our cell spotless and I could’ve read her books for days on end.  Plus, since  God is continuing to punish me for calling her fat albert, we could’ve shared orange jump suits, crisply ironed, mind you. 

Upon further evaluation of my current economic situation, I have arrived at the conclusion that going to jail is probably not the wisest decision I could make at this given moment.  I think I will go lock myself in my bedroom and meditate over my verse of the day: “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:” Philippians 2:5.  That would most likely be a much better plan.  If I should come out of my bedroom with my bad attitude, feel free to smack me upside my head … ok, not really, please just kindly remind me: melinda, you will not be ugly!


6 Comments on “* I will not be ugly, I will not be ugly …”

  1. Courtney

    I love you. That is all you need to know. :)

  2. chrisi

    mom- sorry for the bad attitude/day. hope everything is much better today :)
    love you!

  3. Katrina

    Melinda- bad attitudes are all around us at some point or the other, the hardest is when it is family or (someone close to you) that you have to put up with because your related or coworkers because you have to have a job and just tolerate it so you wont get fired. (just saying) Just know you are not alone in the taking things personal boat I think I stear it most days. Trying to work on that!! Thanks for the reminder of Philippians 2:5. Love ya!!

  4. Michele

    I have to agree with Katrina, I am in that boat almost daily! I am just being honest. I do try, but the devil just pounces at every corner. We just have to remember God is bigger than our problems. Love ya!

  5. melinda

    thank you for the uplifting comments. i am diligently trying to improve my attitude toward ignorance … it’s an uphill struggle. courtney & chrisi, i am so glad you love me … i love you both also. katrina & michele, shall i scoot over and we will row the boat together? i really do hate to admit this, but i’m not a very good rower, ask bobbi, bless her, she had to repeat “row” 342 times while we were rafting. either way, i’m glad to know i’m not alone in my struggle in the good vs. evil attitude battle and i love you both also. i really need to slap that little devil off my shoulder, i am entirely too fortunate to let other people bother me.

  6. Marjorie Markham

    I love you too, but you do need to remember, Jesus didn’t always keep his cool either. He turned over the tables in the temple when they were using it for other things. You are a good person and that is what you always need to remember. It’s ok to have a bad day once in awhile. (just not around me though ok?) LOVE YA

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