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Posted on September 20th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


How did Sunday night arrive so quickly?  The weekends seem to fly by.  I have so many grand plans for getting things accomplished over the weekends and even though I did have a very nice & productive weekend, I didn’t accomplish half of what I would like to have accomplished.

Tonight I want to tackle a subject near and dear to my heart.  If you aren’t in the mood to think or ponder then this may not be the post for you.  It won’t offend me or hurt my feelings if you click along and skip this one.  But, if you are up for either thinking or pondering, stick around.

I am indirectly responsible for a turtle being run over today.  What on earth does that have to do with anything melinda?  Let me try to explain why that is the least bit significant … since my daughters were little, we’ve had a family tradition of stopping the car and setting wayward turtles out of the road.  I’m not sure why or how it started but to this day if we see a turtle we have to stop, pick it up gently and move it to whichever side of the road it is heading toward.  This afternoon I was riding to the Church House alone, I had to be there a little bit early, there was a turtle in the road.  I almost stopped, it was raining and I was running late so I opted not to stop.  I did promise myself that if the turtle were still there when I came home I would move it, although, I was also thinking Anna would be coming along behind me and she would stop and move it.  I went on about my merry way.  Much to my dismay on my way home I discovered the turtle was still there, no one had moved it, it had been run over.  It hurt my feelings.  But more than that, it made me think … how many times in my life am I too busy or in to big of a hurry or simply choose not to be inconvenienced by helping someone else in their personal journey to wherever they may be heading in life.  How many times do I incorrectly assume that someone coming behind me will be the person to stop and offer help?  If I am being honest, the truthful answer is … more often than I would like to admit. 

So as not to be the source of any other turtle mishaps, I just want to take a minute and tell you … I may know you, I may not, I may never meet you and you may be my dear friend … that doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is this,  I don’t want to miss an opportunity to help you along your life’s journey, whatever that journey may be.  I’ve been that turtle, I will most likely be that turtle again sometime and it may be you that I need to stop long enough to help me.  What I most want you to think and ponder about is do you have turtle moments in your life also?  Are there times when you simply do not stop to be someones elses source of help on their life’s journey?  Whether that means physically providing help, prayer, a shoulder or any other form of encouragement.  If we all took more time to stop for the turtle, wouldn’t life be so much better? 

Don’t let a turtle moment  pass you by.


9 Comments on “* how is your turtle? …”

  1. Stan Durmire


  2. Katrina

    Love it!!

  3. Eric

    Well, Well, Well since you learned such a valuable lesson I will not call PETA this time. Have a good one!

  4. Amanda Lail

    PETA, now was that nice, Eric (mr. preacherman)?

  5. Marjorie Markham

    This story reminds me of your mom. She asked me one day how I get my 4 kids to all the places they have to be. I told her that I try to find someone who can at least take them (meaning the older 2 at the time) with the option of knowing I would need them to bring them home. If that person could not, I did like the kids and went down a list. I did not take it personally if they couldn’t help. I also told her that I took many kids to practice if their mother or father could not get them there in time. I tried to help others out as I hoped they could help me out. Then I asked her why she wanted to know. She then asked me if there was ever a time that she could not get your kids to where ever, and it was something I was going to be at, if she could call since you worked longer hours than we did at the school. So I told her yes, and that if I couldn’t, for her to go down the list. She actually called me one day, and I was so happy to help.

    She helped me realize that although I had a lot of kids, all things were possible with the right help. She helped me many times by listening to my troubles and joys throughout the years. I helped her and she helped me. As well as all your family did. I will actually never forget the day Scotty took my dog to the vet (she had a bad gash in her cause by the fence) because I was going to be the only coach that day at the soccer match. He has no clue how much that meant to me. My turtle is still going strong. Just call me anytime you need me.

  6. melinda

    Margie, I have been greatful for so many turtle picker uppers in my life, you being amongst them. I can remember many a day trying to figure out how to get who where when and how and if it hadn’t been for friends and family, my poor children would’ve just been outta luck.

    mr. preacher man, you go ahead & call PETA … tell um you think kittens make cute dog food while you’ve got them on the line!

  7. Daddy Durmire

    Melinda, you just make my day. love ya

  8. Eric

    Not to mention the great tasting Sesame cat they make as well.

  9. Amanda Lail

    No wonder my cat ran an hid and wouldn’t come out for days the time Eric came to the house!!!!

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