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Happy Sunday afternoon.  How R you today? You know, I usually don’t really look forward to Sunday night arriving so quickly.  This Sunday is different … my little brother is on his way home. I am excited he will be here for a few days.  I’m more than a bit sad that Emma Joy & Brad are not coming along,  I understand the reasons that this was the better decision but I really do enjoy when our whole family is in one place.  Thad is on his way home for the festivities surrounding our dad’s retirement this week. 

Tomorrow evening from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm, there will be a reception in the Superior Court Room of the Alexander County Courthouse to honor my dad.  The public is invited and if you are near us, we would love for you to take a minute or two to stop by and say hello. 

Thad should be here by the time we get home from revival down at the Church House tonight.  Speaking of revival, Todd preached this morning, we had a nice start to being reknewed.  I had planned to share a little about Todd & Gracie with y’all earlier this week but just didn’t get to it, but never fear … I am to it now.  Todd is from Stony Point, he grew up here in our County.  Instead of heading off to college when he graduated, Todd headed to India to be a full time missionary.  He met his wife Gracie in India, they married and later had their son Jerimiah.  I heard Todd preach for the first time around 6 years ago.  He had been coming to Mt. Wesley to share about his mission work for a while before I ever went to church there.  I liked both he and Gracie right from the first time I met them.  He is passionate about his love for the Lord and passionate about serving those in need.  Two qualities that I admire.  Mostly, I like that he is no different than me or you.  He simply chose to follow the call when he heard it.  Gracie did the same, she followed God’s call … to be the wife of a missionary, to move to an entirely new Country for half of every year, to learn a new way of life.  I admire her also.  If you aren’t busy this week, I would encourage you to come listen to Todd speak.  He isn’t talking about missions this week but he has a gift for speaking and you will be richly blessed and challenged by his words.  Todd and Gracie are 2 of our families personal favorites when it comes to sermons. 

Lots of things going on this week, I sure hope to cross paths with you somewhere along the way.

credit goes to amy zaleski for the beautiful R artwork.


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