* color her happy …

Posted on September 29th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Autumn has snuck up on us.  It was a sneak attack!  I’m rather excited about the changing of seasons, literally & figuratively …   I like autumn.  I like the cool crisp air, the changing colors.  Speaking of changing colors … I am now the proud parent of 2 brunettes instead of 2 blonde’s.  Chrisi’s hair color doesn’t change often nor typically drastically.  Anna, well Anna’s hair is another story all together.  One never knows what color Anna’s hair may be on any given day.  Today, it is back to dark brown.  Tomorrow, well who knows.  At least it isn’t pink or purple this time, nor is it vampire black.  I actually really like it.  I think it looks very pretty on her.  She’s a hottie. 

She’s a silly girl …


This would be Anna with her buddy Randy.  Actually, Randy is every body’s buddy.  He is married to my very good friend Page, I work with Page, but I’ve known her for many many years.  We go way back.  I’ve known Randy nearly as long.  I love them both.  I would post one of the 62 pictures of Page I have on my camera but she swore she would never speak to me again if I did.  She’s a scrooge sometimes.  It’s cause she doesn’t eat enough.  She gets crabby cause she’s starving to death.  Anyway, the notion of Anna and Randy in cahoots is a bit scary.  They aren’t right.  Neither one of um is right.  They could cause some serious danger if let out in public together.  It just should not ever happen.  I’m not sure who would be worse … what do y’all think?

I guess she’s decided if she isn’t going to be the Sheriff’s grand daughter, she will just play like she’s Sheriff.  Or a really desperate cowgirl with a bad belt buckle.  You pick.


After much consideration on my part, I have decided that maybe we should throw some Jimmy Brown up in the mix with Randy & Anna and turn them loose on the town.  I feel sure Tville would never be the same.


One Comment on “* color her happy …”

  1. purejoy

    the haircolor suits her. . . and the season. love it!

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