* pigs in a blanket …

Posted on September 30th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I realize that y’all are probably feeling a little jealous right this minute.  It’s ok, I understand … we just can’t all be fashion icons.  It’s a tough job but someone has to be a rebel, set new trends, break down barriers.  My new foot appareal look, it’s all the rage in tville Paris.  Be sure to look for me in the fall edition of Fashion gone really wrong Weekly at your local grocery check out stand.  The issue will be located right next to the martian boy gives birth to a six headed green chicken with a cat tail  magazine … shouldn’t be hard to find.  I’ll be happy to autograph it for you at no charge. 

Are you asking yourself, why? why would you ever wear socks with flip flops, in public? have you no respect for fashion at all?  The answer is … um no, no I don’t.  I am not a lover of fashion.  Of course that may be because I am what the retail stores call womansized (not sure what they call skinny women’s clothes? little girl sized?) and all the clothes look like moo moo’s.  Why is it that clothing designers think fat people like large flowerdy printy frocks?  I mean, do I really want to walk around looking like a tulip garden?   Shouldn’t we heftier womanly sized gals want to minimize instead of our clothing yelling “hey, look out y’all, here comes a huge dadgum daisy patch”!  Looks like someone blew a dandelion all over you, watered you and you sprouted turquoise daisies all over the place. 

I was wearing flip flops to begin with for a variety of reasons … #1. I’m clumsy & cannot walk in heels #2. comfort far surpasses fashion #3. me wearing heels looks like a balloon squeezed at the bottom with barbie shoes attached to it.  I had on socks for one reason and one reason alone … my toes were frozen.  Please see reason #2 from above. 

Please feel free to borrow my new look.  Feel free to create your own new look.  Feel free to email me a picture of it so I can laugh at you, post it on our blog and we can all laugh at you. 

Now I am going wee wee wee all the way to my tub of hot bubbly water to unthaw my frozen piggies. 




2 Comments on “* pigs in a blanket …”

  1. Amanda Lail

    I do the same, except I put on my toe socks with my flip flops, pic on the way to your inbox!!!

  2. katrina

    I always say the fabric they use for “womensized” clothes looks like something you would find on a sofa. I dont really feel like walking around looking like one either. However Melinda I do like to shop at Lane Bryant—love love love their dress pants and jeans!!!! I go for comfort too, truth be told most everyone does too!

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