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Posted on October 1st, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I really like simple things.  The more simplistic, the more beautiful.  I’m not much of a fruu fruu kinda girl.  Lace & ruffles have never really been  my thing.  Unless you count my very unfortunate 1st wedding dress.  My 2nd wedding dress was much more my style …  denim capri’s paired nicely with a white cotton button up shirt.  If I had only added the coveted pigs in a blanket sock flip flop combination I would have probably made Bride’s Magazine’s top 10.  Hind sight is always 20/20. 

I must admit, not only do I not possess one iota of fashion sense, I am also craft challenged.  My idea of decorating is throwing a flowered sheet over a pic nic table and calling it a day.  I am always envious of those more blessed than myself in the crafty department.  For instance … check out the center piece from Dad’s retirement reception


Isn’t that stunning?  I mean, who woulda thunk it!  A punkin’ with some mums in it, add a few holly bush leaves with unopened berries and wahlahh … you have a center piece to die for and you didn’t spend your next months house payment making it.  That picture just doesn’t do it justice, the colors were so pretty.  It screamed “I’m simple yet beautiful”!  Well, it didn’t really scream that, cause a screamin’ punkin’ would’ve been a bit scary.  Kind of like those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.  My friend Julie was talking about the Wizard of Oz on her facebook earlier and I had to point out that those monkey’s scared the crap outta me.  Where did that come from?  How did I go from a lovely center piece to flying monkey’s?  I worry me some days. 

I know all kinds of creative people.  One of my favorite talented people is Katrina.  That’s her in the next picture with her sister in law Earpie. 


Katrina makes all kinds of crafty stuff.  She made some of the things we used for Emma Joy’s shower and they were beautiful.  She’s local, if you ever need anything crafty, I’ll be glad to hook you up.   I love this picture of them.

I also love this picture of Cathy…


she’s pretty crafty too … especially when it comes to gomming up decorating her camper! 

Check out one of the cakes from the retirement reception.  Our friends and long time faithful supporters, Miranda & her mom Martha made it & decorated it.  Plus, it tasted really good.



 My most favorite creative person on earth is Robin.  Robin is one of my Bentley cousins, but she is also one of my most treasured friends.  She also had the distinct pleasure of being my only attendant while I was wearing that most unfortunate 1st wedding dress.  Bless her, she looked lovely in her lacy mauve dress.  Every year at Christmas, my entire family looks forward to receiving our Christmas card’s from Robin.  We never have a clue what it may be or look like but we know we want to see it.  We want to hang it on our fridge, which is exactly where this one from 2008 is still hanging …


that’s the front, now the back … these are her gorgeous daughters, Kate & Olivia.


One year she was late mailing them and the Bentley clan nearly had our first ever brawl.  Austin, TX was about to never be quite the same had the cards not arrived.  It’s most  fortunate for Robin that she did mail them, she would’ve probably had to relocate had we all shown up. 

And for your viewing pleasure … I will share my creative abilities with you.  Can you stand the anticipation?  Be prepared to be awed, mesmerized by my talent … you may need to sit down.  My talent ranks up there with the master’s … move over Monet’, beware Van Gogh, Da Vinci ain’t got nothin’ on me.


Fine, I suck.  It’s ok … I can always blog.


2 Comments on “* talent show …”

  1. Katrina

    Thanks for the nice compliments…. I was glad I was able to help with the reception and I thought it was beautiful. The cake was really good!! I think I was saying “CHEERS” in the middle of the snapshot–I hope I dont look that bad always!!

  2. purejoy

    what a fun party. and what a blessing to be surrounded by such talented people. and you do not “s*ck.” look what beautiful children you’ve created!!

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