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I would like to invite you on an adventure of sorts.  I have the privilage of teaching the young adult Sunday School class down at The Church House.  We just finished up a fairly long Max Lucado study on Philippians.   When we finished that study we, as a class, decided we wanted to change our focus a bit.  After some discussion we decided to tackle some of the lesser known books of the Bible.  I’m not sure who suggested Zechariah, but it sounded like a good plan.  Even more so because mr. preacher man & Anita are naming their soon to be born son Zechariah.  I’m not sure which spelling they are using, maybe one of them can clue us in on that.  Also, if mr. preacher man happens to read this and would be so kind (I know this story but it would be much nicer for him to share it) as to fill all of y’all in on the reason they chose this paritcular name, I would appreciate it. 

I thought it would be interesting to include anyone who may be interested in on the study with us.  Please keep in mind that I am no theologian nor am I a Bible scholar.  Any useful insight and/or input would be greatly appreciated.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a Wednesday night series on The Women of The Bible and would like to use the same approach in this series.  I learned a lot from the input of our Wednesday night adults and we had a great time learning & discussing together. 

Here is how this will hopefully work.  It will only work if you participate.  Each week, on Sunday, I will do a blog post about the verses we covered in Sunday School.  I will tell you each week which scripture we will be covering so you can read ahead & do your homework.  At the end of the post, I will include some questions and/or ask for your thoughts.  You will scroll down to the comments section and share your answers and/or thoughts.  If you aren’t comfortable posting about them, that is completely cool … but I would encourage you to grab a notebook and come along with us.  I can tell you from past experience, you will be amazed at what you may learn.  I will certainly be hitting mr. preacher man & Midge up for some input on this series.  That will be for your benefit and mine.  Please feel free to disagree with me on any point, again, I am no expert and please keep that in mind.  This is a learning experience, not a sermon, nor does my interpretation of a scripture mean it’s the only way to view a passage.  You need to know what you believe because it’s what you believe, not because it’s what myself or someone else has told you.  Check behind me … always.

Now, let’s get started.

This week is simple.  Let’s meet Zechariah.  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  What was his purpose? 

The name Zechariah means Yahweh remembers.  He was a prophet and a priest.  Zechariah was born while his parents were in exile in Babylon but returned to Jerusalem as a young man.  Zechariah is one of the 12 minor prophets.

The book of Zechariah was written around this time of year, October – November, 520 bc.  Some scholars believe the book was written in 2 segments those being between 520 bc & 470 bc (remember the calendar goes backwards when referring to bc).  My Bible, this moment I happen to be using my NIV study Bible, says 520 bc. 

A little history surrounding Zechariah:  the Jewish people had been held in captivity in Babylon for approx. 70 years.  When Cyrus came in to power he gave the Jewish people the option of returning to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.  Many chose to go, many chose to stay.  Those who returned to Jerusalem anxiously & excitedly set about rebuilding the temple but soon encountered delays & discouragement.   This is where the story of Zechariah really begins.

What should we look to learn from Zechariah?  At this point I am going with strength, encouragement and motivation.  I also think it is note worthy to include that Zechariah prohesied many times on a deep level about the coming of the Messiah. 

Grab your Bible.  I am partial to my New Century Version, although I use the NIV & the KJV also.  I like to understand what I’m reading.  If at this point you feel compelled to tell me I am going to hell for not using the KJV only, this is probably not the place for you.  Get a pencil, pen or piece of coal.  Scrounge up a notebook, envelope or napkin.  If you’re still with me here … let’s get started. 

This weeks questions

#1. What is it commonly thought that Yahweh remembers refers to?   * if mr. preacher man will share the story of his son’s name you will know the answer to this question.

#2. What does your Bible say concerning when Zechariah was written?

Read ahead:  Next week’s lesson will begin in Chapter 1 verse 1.  I would encourage you to read & research the entire 1st chapter, although I doubt we get to cover the entire chapter in next week’s Sunday School lesson.  I will only post about what we cover in Sunday School, but feel free to read ahead. 


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  1. Eric

    I help a young man cut grass and I have to weed eat and it goes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and I thought something familiar would be lovely for our son. Just kidding. I was on a mission trip one time and the gentleman across the isle from me got up to get off the plane and handed me a piece of paper. He said don’t ask God just told me. It was Job 5:24-27. This was before we had any children and then we had our two beautiful girls and decided we were done. No more descendants for the Yelton’s and then we found out we were pregnant. My youngest will be 1 DEC 12 while Z is due on Jan 12. Little stressed at first but after praying I come across and remembered the scripture that the man had give me. I shall have descendants. God remembers his promises.

  2. Eric

    Oh yeah, Zechariah.

  3. melinda

    thanks eric. the answer to question #1 is in his response. and it does not involve a lawn mower or weed eater.

  4. ryan

    Well E glad i could help you with a name. Well this is a good idea. Good job there teacher.

  5. melinda

    hey ryan, this will work well for you the weeks you have to work on sundays … you can stay caught up with us.

  6. Courtney

    neat idea. thanks melinda!

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