* it’s a tough job …

Posted on October 6th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Bless my dad’s heart.  He must be miserable.  He looks so sad.  Retirement must just not be his thing.  Spending time at my brother’s house does not appear to be healthy for him.  I think he should come home right now.  Today.  This minute.  We can’t be having anymore of this nonsense …


Do you see what I mean?  Just pittiful.


He’s trying to get away from those fish!  He’s yelling “help me, the fish are attacking me”!


Janie to the rescue!

I think they are trying to starve him to death.  He’s looking a bit thin.  I’m a tad worried.


And if all that fishing stuff weren’t enough to make him want to high tail it home … then this just may be.  I mean, I feel sure he is not enjoying spending time with this little one!


Can you say someone has their Bapa wrapped up tight? 


For pete’s sake they are dressed alike.  Fortunately neither of them have taken to wearing skull shirts.

Don’t worry daddy … I promise I will make them release you.  This is not the 1st time those evil Tn dwellers have kidnaapped you and held you hostage.  I am formulating an escape plan as I type. 


12 Comments on “* it’s a tough job …”

  1. Courtney

    Oh dear.
    This is precious!

  2. Marjorie Markham

    You do this so well. We all miss Hayden. I guess this means he won’t be sitting behind me at homecoming! You will just have to come.

  3. Randy

    Looks like fun to me. If he ever returns, Victoria, Desi, and I plan on taking him hunting.

  4. Miranda

    I am calling an international relief agency first thing in the mornin’ ! We just can’t let these terrible things happen to our dear retired Sheriff ! Obviously, this must be a political conspiracy !

  5. Robin

    I do think I have not seen Hayden this happy in a long time. If I had known retirement would have had this effect on him I would have not worked so hard to get him re-elected last time. Go Hayden go…..

  6. melinda

    i’m just glad to see that ole smile back. i’ve missed it.

  7. chrisi

    it didn’t take emma joy long to figure out how to get bapa wrapped around that little finger of hers! looks like bapa is having a great time at thad and brad’s!

  8. Daddy Durmire

    How do I get there? I will save him!

  9. melinda

    daddy durmire … thank you so much for offering to sacrifice for the greater good of my daddy’s well being! Lemme see, you get on I40 west and drive to the other end of the earth and turn right. Randy knows how to get there, maybe all you lucky retired folk need to take a road trip, you, Randy & Seth can go save dad! I would venture to say TN may never be the same.

  10. Daddy Durmire

    You are so right.

  11. Ruth

    Yeah, he looks pretty miserable to me 😉
    No such thing as too much fun!

  12. Tony Jones

    Hayden you better come back to work it looks like this retirement thing is just no fun at all

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