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Posted on October 11th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


Welcome to week 2 of Getting to know Zechariah.  I am very excited that you are here.  Did someone bring coffee & donuts?  I think that’s a Bible Study group rule … someone has to bring coffee & donuts.  I really hope some of you have read ahead but if not, that is perfectly fine too!  Just grab a Bible, a note pad or click print and we’ll all be on the same page.  For now, we are concentrating on Zechariah chapter 1.  Today we are going to cover verses 1 thru 6.  If you didn’t catch the introduction on the basics of Zechariah last week, it’s not to late to get in on the action.  Just click here and get caught up. 

Zechariah chapter 1 verse 1:  (please note:  I will refer to Zechariah as Z it will save time & space plus I’m lazy).

Z is given the gift of prophesy.  The verse does not specifically address how this gift is received.  There are several possible options A). an angel appeard to Z to deliver the news.  B). Z had a dream or vision in which he received his gift. or C). The Lord himself spoke in an audible voice to Z declaring his gift of prophesy.

Verse 2:

Z is instructed to inform the people of Israel (the Jewish people who have just been released from captivity, see introduction if you missed this, it will help explain) that the Lord is angry with them.  ~ melinda speaking here: now call me crazy, but if I were Z,  I would have been a tad freaked out at this point.  Think about it y’all … either you have just been visited by an angel, you had a dream or vision or the Lord himself spoke to you telling you that you have been blessed with the gift of prophesy and the 1st thing on your agenda is to tell the Israelites that the Lord is angry with them.  What?  Are you kidding me?  I think at this point I would have said Lord, can I use a lifeline?  Can I call a friend?  a 50/50 maybe?  or I would’ve pulled a Moses and said “why me Lord, have ya met me”?  Or maybe “send Eric, he’s the preacher” or “send Cathy she is much more diplomatic than me”. ~  Fortunately for all of us God knows exactly what He is doing.  Z didn’t say any of those things, he listened and obeyed God.  (note to self: strive to be more like Z).

Verses 3 thru 6:

In these verses God explains to Z exactly what needs to happen.  Very simple, very easy.  Personally, I am so thankful God often chooses to give very simple instructions.  I’m sort of dense sometimes and I need things to be simple.  So here it is … Z is instructed to tell the children of Israel to (see verse 3) “return to Him and He will return to you”.  (see verse 4) The Lord goes on to say (I am paraphrasing here) do not be like your forefathers who were told this same thing and did not listen.  Change your evil ways and practices.  (see verse 5) because they didn’t listen, where did it get them?  ~ melinda speaking again:  do you ever wonder if God just wants to write DUH! in the storm clouds?  Simply put I think God is saying … y’all need to stop acting a fool and act like you’ve got some sense about ya.  If y’all would just do right, then I will be right here, I will come back to you!  (see verse 6) And finally … they see the light.  “And then they repented” by definition repent simply means: to turn away from sin, have remorse for bad conduct, a change in thought and action to correct a wrong.  The Israelites heard and listened to the message Z was giving them from God.  They repented, accepted and understood their actions and consequences and set about to change them.

Questions for this week:

#1.  what would have been your response to God had you been Z?  be honest!

#2.  what can we learn from Z‘s and the Israelite people’s response to God’s command?

Next week, we will continue in chapter 1, picking up with verse 7.  It gets really interesting and I am sure I will be emailing mr. preacher man for some help on understanding these next verses.  Read ahead and do some digging.  I am interested to know what your interpretations will be.

Thanks for joining us.  I hope you learned a little bit about Z today.  So far, I like him pretty good.  But its still early, that could change.


2 Comments on “* getting to know “Z” week 2 …”

  1. Eric

    First I am glad my son’s fathers name isn’t Berekiah and secondly I with you Melinda. If your angry with my forefathers you should have spoke to them Lord because I don’t want to make my forefathers made at me. We should see that no matter the sin or no matter the number of times we fall the Lord He wants us to come back to Him. I just wish I could see “the people repent” as easy as the Israelite’s did. It is very hard for us to admit we have sinned. (Don’t say that so Loud) Have a good evening!

  2. chrisi

    i would have been scared to death to tell the israelites that God was upset with them! i would not want to have that job. from this– we can learn to be more like z, to accept the challenges that God throws at us, even when they seem difficult and impossible. we can also learn to repent from our sins like the israelites did.

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