* happy birthday me. love God …

Posted on October 17th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Good Saturday morning to you.  I have nothing of great importance to blog about this morning, I am just tired of looking at a picture of a rotten hen on the front of my blog … I can’t change the picture until I post something new.  So here it is.  Something non rotten.  I am not positive that my nostrils will ever fully recover from the yucky rotten hen smell. 


I thought I would share some pictures I took last Saturday night at the fair.  I love sunsets, they remind me of my mama.  There is a story there.  I’ll give you the readers digest condensed version right quick:  A little over a week after my mom died, my dad and I had returned to work.  We rode together the first day we went back and we were on our way home.  He insist on listening to our hicklocal radio station so there we were driving along listening to our local DJ yap about who knows what.  We started talking about mom and how much we missed her already and during that conversation I said … as much as I know in my heart that she is ok and that she is in a better place, I wish God would send me a sign to let me know everything is ok.  That my mom really was ok.  Yeah, just call me Noah … I like signs, ok.  (btw, what sign did God send Noah to assure him that the flood was over and there would not be another flood, do you know)?  So dad and I are driving along and out of no where, and I do mean no where … the sun begins to set.  No, I am not insane, yes, I realize the sun sets everyday but this was August, the sun does not normally set at 5:30 around here in August.  The sky starts turning all these beautiful colors.  It was orange and pink, blue and purple, yellow and gold.  I looked at dad and right that minute the radio guy says … I’m not sure what’s going on outside but that has to be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  Y’all I got chills.  For a minute, I truly thought I was seeing things.  We hadn’t had much rest and I know my mind was not in a normal state but then the radio guy starts talking about the sunset.   My dad, who is the master of calm, looks at me and says … well melinda, there’s your sign.  Never before nor ever again have I experienced anything even close to that moment.  I get chills typing about it.  I have no clue what was technically happening with the weather that day but I do know that God, in His infinite wisdom and love for me, used or maybe even created that sunset for me.  Talk about a peace that passes all understanding. 


I must admit that I do find it odd that beautiful sunsets seem to show up at the most unusual times in my life.  Maybe I just pay more attention these days, maybe I still need to find that reassurance that everything really is ok.  I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care.  What I do know is this … my God still performs miracles, my God still shows up when I am in the middle of a storm, my God calms the waters in my life, my God can make the sunset any color He chooses for whatever reason He chooses.  And if that reason happens to be me or my need on any particular day … well, I’m good with that. 


I took all of the pictures in this post myself.  I have not edited any of them, except to resize them to fit the blog.  None of that is unusual in itself, what I do find wonderful about them is this … they were taken last Saturday night at the fair, the evening before my birthday.  Not one other night last week did I walk outside the exhibit hall for any reason.  The only reason I went out Saturday night was to take some pictures of the fair to post on the blog.  I walk out and immediately I saw the sunset.  I looked up, it was breath taking and all I could do was smile and say … thank you Lord for your blessings on me.


I’m curious … do any of you have similiar experiences?  Is there anything in your life that causes you to have goose bumps or stand in amazement?  I would love for you to share … plus, it may make me feel a bit less insane.


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  1. Eric

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Melinda is talking that God thing again. Sure is funny the most important thing in our life(or at least what we good Christian people claim) is the least thing we like to talk about. Looks like we better stick with rotten hens and gourds. Have a good evening.

  2. melinda

    eric? whoever let you be a preacher any how? i mean, why on earth would we folk who claim to be christians go around talking out loud in public much less on the internet about God? what a silly notion … someone might think we were crazy and we can’t have anyone thinking that now can we? actually, i think i’ll just take my chances … i do believe i will just continue not to care what anyone thinks and talk about God all i want … ahh the luxuries of this being my own blog. i’m so very tired of we people who claim to be christians doing nothing we are biblically instructed to do. i feel ashamed in saying that i can count myself among that number more often than i may like to admit but there isn’t but one way to change that … do something. I read a quote one day that i really liked it’s a motto of sort N.O.W. which means No Opportunity Wasted. I don’t plan to waste opportunity. I personally believe without a shadow of a doubt that God has big plans for me. I have no clue what they are but i plan to seek them at every given opportunity and if that opportunity happens to be my blog, welp … it’s not going to be a wasted opportunity.

  3. Daddy Durmire

    What you said , AMEN

  4. Courtney

    This blog post gave me chills while I read it. God is so great!

    These pictures are so beautiful. When I see a sunset I have so much trouble understanding how people can not believe in God. I mean, how can you look at something this stunning and not see that God did this?!? It is one of those things that will always astound me.

  5. chrisi

    God sends me butterflies as “Nana’s ok reminders”– There was one beautiful blue butterfly that flew all around the flowers Bapa had planted while everyone else was gone to Tennessee in August, the third year of her death. These reminders also seem to come at meaningful times.

  6. Jodie

    When you get a sign from God.. it does give you a chill and a comforting feeling all at once, doesn’t it ?
    Your Mom was as beautiful as the sunset you captured.

  7. Katrina

    Melinda I love your story and I do believe that God blesses us with his love in many different ways. It was summer when my Grandmother died and we were at the pool and I remember how my grandmother loved to watch us a children play in the pool and how she loved the pool herself. I had a sad, aching feeling come over me missing her so much. I prayed that God would help me through this time and with that prayer a huge gulf of wind blew, the clouds billowed across the sky. My grandmother loved to lay on her back in the pool and we would guess what figures the clouds were making and that gave me the peace to go on. I love when a big gulf of wind blows and there are white puffy clouds with a bright blue sky all around. God is so good and His mighty Hand is always there to hold us up when we are down and feel we cant go on. I love sunsets too Melinda they are calming and peaceful time to reflect on the day you’ve had and realize that God is still in control. Noah’s sign was a rainbow.

  8. Lisa Robinette

    This post gave me chills. I appreciate you and your blog and your willingness to share your love for God. You are right he has a plan for you and all of us. Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to Prosper You and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.

  9. Ruth Elder

    Beautiful thing to share. I remember some sunsets that brought me a lot of peace at a time in my life
    when I needed it… and your writing took me back to that time and place and the sense of wonder at how
    great He really is. Thanks :)

  10. melinda

    just so y’all know … i really enjoy reading your comments. you make me smile.

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