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Posted on November 8th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


It is begining to occur to me that Zechariah is a hard book to study.  I am not very good at all this interpreting visions and dreams stuff.  I am much happier tooling around in the New Testament … I am comfortable with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Paul and I could’ve probably hung out, he liked to write, I like to write.  Although I’m sure he would’ve quickly noticed I am natured far more like Peter and taken exception with that.  I understand New Testament teachings, I am diligently striving to apply them to my life … literally apply them to my life, not figuratively.  I think doing this study in Zechariah is God’s way of teaching me a big fat lesson.  That lesson would be … slow down melinda, learn the foundations, take time to know Me … all of Me, be patient and committed to my learning my word inside and out.  Thus, here we go with week 5.   Be kind to me, I am trying hard here.

In week 4, I mentioned the measuring line and noted that we would get to that in this week’s study … wahh lahh, here we are.  By definition a measuring line is: a rope or cord used to section off a specific length or width.  In modern terms we would most likely refer to the person using the measuring line in Zechariah as a surveyor.  He is sent to mark off the size of Jerusalem. 

That pretty much covers Chapter 2 verse 1, so let’s move along ….

verse 2 : Z asks the man with the measuring line where he is going, the man explains he is going to measure the length and width of Jerusalem.  To mark of it’s boundaries.  Which would be necessary if one plans to rebuild something, which if you remember from week 1 was the entire reason Z and his people were allowed to return to their city to begin with. 

verse 3 thru 5:  The angel that Z was speaking with turns to leave and is met by another angel.  The new angel tells Z‘s interpreter angel to “tell that young man” (it is commonly believed that the young man the 2nd angel is talking about is Z but some interpretations say the young man referred to is the surveyor … personally, I think the 2nd angel was speaking of Zas the young man), either way, the 2nd angel tells interpreter angel to tell the man that Jerusalem will be a city without walls and the Lord himself will be a wall of fire around the city and it’s glory within. 

I’m going to stop here for this week.  I know we didn’t cover a lot but there is a lot to learn.  We will finish up with chapter 2 next week.  Read ahead. 


Who do you think the angel meant when he said to interpreter angel “run tell that young man” … read over it and let me know what you think.  I’m curious.


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