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Posted on November 11th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


How often we take for granted our freedom and the men and women who protect it.  Today, on their day … I hope you will take the time to remember, be thankful and say a prayer for all veterans and current military personnel.  The sacrifices they make are far greater than I will ever understand.  I am indeed grateful. 

I thought I would share a few of my favorite military guys with you today just in case you want to say “thanks, we appreciate what you’ve done”!


My bestest Brad and daughter Emma Joy.  Thank you Brad.  I love you.  (Airforce)


My great friend Jimmy and my his oldest daughter, Chrisi.  Thank you Jimmy Brown.  I love you. (Marines)


My buddy Brian and his lovely wife Heather.  Thanks Brian. I love you too. (Marines).

Enjoy your vacation day if you had one … and never forget why we have a day to honor those who serve our great land.  If you have a veteran you’d like to give a shout out to, please do.  I may not know them, but I would love an opportunity to say a prayer of thanksgiving for them.


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