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Posted on November 15th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


Today is the official kick off of the Mt. Wesley Smackdown on hungerWoooo!  Down at the Church House we’ve always given away a few food boxes at Christmas.  This year, we are upping the ante.  We’re getting serious.  The challenge has been thrown out … the proverbial line drawn in the sand.  Our Sunday School classes are having a friendly contest to see who can collect the most non perishable food and toiletry items.  From now until December 13th we have the opportunity to fill our class boxes to the brim as many times as we possibly can (pun intended). 

One might say, if they know me very well, that I am a smidge on the competitive side.  Just a tiny bit.  I do not like to loose.  I want to be the winner.  I teach the young adult class, we can do this.  The more food and stuff we collect, the more people benefit.  Plus, I get to say “na na na na” to mr. preacher man approximately 72 times per day until Christmas is over.   That would just be an added bonus. 

So here is where you come in.  I need your help.  I need your stuff.  As part of the challenge, we can ask friends, family, co workers and the likes to pitch in to fill our class’ box.  If you aren’t already planning to donate somewhere else, I am begging nicely asking you to consider helping us fill the young adults box to over flowing.  I will add a list of items to the bottom of this post, just in case you need some ideas, but really anything would be great.  There are several places you can drop your items off or I will be glad to come pick them up if that would be easier.  #1. my house, #2. my work #3. the church house (just find the young adults box in the entry area) … if none of those work for you, just leave me a message and we’ll pick something that does.  Consider donating items in memory or honor of someone.  I plan to donate some of my mom’s favorite goodies in her honor, I might even find some childrens books to add to the loot. 

You have now officially been challenged to join the smackdown on hunger.  Get off the sidelines and join the game.  It’s time to make a difference. 


any canned food

paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins)

sugar, flour, salt


fruit snacks or granola bars

mac & cheese, spaghetti & sauce, any pasta

canned meats (tuna, chicken, salmon)

cereal, oatmeal, grits


soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, dish detergent, laundry detergent.

Any of those items would be great.  If you donate elsewhere … bless you, keep it up.  Just as a side note, all of the items we receive will be given to people who live in our county.  Times are hard here, the economy is crappy and there are more people in need this year than ever before.  If you know someone who may need a box, please email me that information.  It is our goal to help as many families as possible.  The more we all pitch in, the more we can reach out.


5 Comments on “* “deck” the pantry …”

  1. Tina Privette Hilton

    Hey I would love to help you out with the food boxes , I also told my mom about this , and she said she would love to help out to , just let me know when to get these items to you .I will collect all I can to help , I will ask a couple others , and do all I can to help you out .

  2. Cathy

    I will gladly take stuff for the womens class also….share Melinda

    • melinda

      i just want you to know my dear bff that i am still laughing at your phone call. you my friend, have lost your mind. i cannot believe you would even consider selling me out by joining forces with mr. preacher man!

  3. eric

    Thanks for all the help. You can bring any donations to the Mt Wesley parsonage. I am home most days and if not I you can leave all donations on the carport and I will see that they get to right places.May God bless your efforts (to help me win).

    • melinda

      that is so wrong on so many levels i am not even going to attempt a response. you are NOT going to win. if i have to go on a diet and starve my family for the next month in order to buy food and stuff for the young adults box, you are not going to win. ps: between you and cathy i’m not sure i can laugh much more.

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