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Posted on November 22nd, 2009 by melinda in The Church House

Houston … we have a problem!  As you may have noticed, mr. preacher man knocked his flock over trying to get out the church house door this morning in order to leave us a sweet message on the chat wall.  Um, let’s just put it mildly and say … the young adults are not winning the Mt. Wesley smackdown on hunger challenge (at this point).  I can eat my crow this week, but by next weekend, My class will be in the lead.  I have faith that my people will come through!  No reason to throw it all out there the first week and have an empty box for the next 3 weeks.  Nope, we are opting to be patient, to let mr. preacher man think the men’s class is in the lead.  We have a plan. Ok, really we don’t but it sounds much better than we are getting our behinds kicked right now.  It’s ok though, we Bentley (Nulls) are going to rally back. I’m not sweating it yet.  So here is where we stand at the moment:


A huge shout out is in order to the Scouts who delivered big for the men’s class yesterday.  They hauled it in!  The men are in the lead.

Followed closely by the kids combined classes …


The women’s class and adult classes are running neck and neck for 3rd place …



while the teens and the seniors are hot on their behinds for 4th place …



And bringing up the rear this week is the (choke) young adults class …


There it is.  The first weeks totals from the Mt. Wesley smackdown on hunger.  I am feeling a bit bruised, banged up … my fanny is a bit sore from the stomping.  BUT!  I refuse to admit defeat … it’s still early in the gathering.  I see an upset in the distance. 


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