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Posted on November 22nd, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Uncle Harvey and his angels.  (who also happen to be 3 of his great nieces).

I had a really nice day today. With the exception of the whooping I endured at the church house this morning.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner with the Bentley clan.  I know I’ve told y’all a hundred times how much I love my family, but I just cannot say it enough.  They make me smile.  Like today when my Uncle Harvey (Dad’s middle brother) told me that he was going to make himself a blop like mine.  How can you not smile at that?  I have to take one second and brag on my unlce Harv … he has gone back to school.  He’s getting his GED.  I cannot even begin to tell you what an inspiration he is to me.  Harvey had to drop out of high school in order to help my mamaw and papaw with bills when he was young.  He is probably one of the hardest working people I know.  Those Bentley’s are just like that, they are hard workers.  Harvey went on to be very successful in his career.  He has a wonderful family, a beautiful home, he is well respected in our home town.  His life has been fruitful.  When the company he had worked for his entire career (along with most of my dad’s family) closed earlier this year, instead of retiring Harvey opted for the option of going back to school.  I’m sure it was a big change, a difficult step to take, but he loves it.  I wish I could hang out at school with Harv.  That would be so cool.  I’m sure he is one of the cool kids in class!  If you are ever at a crossroads in your life and all around you seems to be changing … take a second and think of Harvey.  Think about how what may appear to be a door slamming can just as easily be a window opening for your dream to come through.  Harvey, if you happen to read the blop … I love you, I am proud to be your niece!  And when you decide to start your own blop, just let me know … your nephew is pretty good at this computer stuff.

Just as a side note: Uncle Harvey is also learning to text.  I’m not sure aunt Wanda has told him yet that texting cost extra on their phone plan.  If you want to hit him up on the texting thing, you better do it before the bill comes, cause I see the texting being nixxed approximately that same day.


3 Comments on “* the middle child …”

  1. robin foster

    Soooo proud of my Dad too!!! Sooo jealous I was not there enjoying
    all the YUMMY food.
    Very THANKFUL for you and your BLOP!

    • melinda

      your dad cracks me up. and i really really wish you, patrick and the girls could’ve been here, right along with wendy & tracy and thad, brad and emma joy. and jeff had to work so he wasn’t there either. but we did get some great pictures of the rest of the clan. i will have to post them all so you can see them.

  2. Wendy

    I had a little time at lunch today to catch up on your blop and I must say…this entry made me smile! I’m sure it thrilled my dad when he read it! We are proud of daddy and we cannot wait to celebrate when he graduates!!!
    Love you! Wendy p.s. thanks for coming to our reception:-) It was great to see ya’ll!

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