* hiking fashion gone wrong …

Posted on December 1st, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Call me an idiot.  Call me computer illiterate.  Call me technologically challenged.  Whatever you opt for will be accurate.  I managed to download all the picture files from the Thanksgiving holiday using photoshop … I exported a few to a new file and have successfully lost the rest of them.  Yep, you got it … I lost an entire weekend of photos somewhere on my computer.  How does one do that?  If you happen to know a smidge more than me about this stuff, feel free to call me (please).

So for the moment you will not be treated with beautiful sweet pictures of Emma Joy decorating her Christmas tree.  Instead … you get this:  I apologize in advance.

I don’t know why my children act this way.  I think I dropped them on their heads one too many times a few years back. 

A little background for you … these pictures were taken on the way to our hike from you know where.  Anna dug out a toboggan and gloves from the back of Dad’s explorer that had been there only heaven knows how long.  I was sitting in the back seat with them.  (more likely I was squished up against the door debating whether opening the door and accidentally falling out would be a better option than hiking … I should’ve opened the door, I could stand to lose a few layers of padding).  Chrisi was fashionably under dressed for hiking.  Thus, Anna felt it her sisterly duty to help a sista out …







Is there really any point in trying to explain?  yeah … I thought not.


3 Comments on “* hiking fashion gone wrong …”

  1. Marjorie Markham

    I have 2 daughters just like yours. We actually missed a flight in Houston cause they were laughing and carrying on rolling around on the floor and missed them telling us our flight had once again been moved to a different gate. So instead of flying from Houston to San Diego we got to fly to Denver and then to San Diego. And this happened 2 yrs ago. Yep, our daughters will do some crazy things.

    • melinda

      well now the truth comes out! your daughters rubbed off on my daughters … that’s what happened!

  2. Marjorie Markham

    Well, they were together a lot. I tried to make sure Chrisi was on every ball team I coached and of course Anna had to come with her to hang out with Kevin. Someone had to keep him out of our hair!

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