* the grinch who stole my box …

Posted on December 7th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Do you see that picture of the big box full of food and toiletries up there?  No?  Ya … me neither!  You know why there is no picture of my class’ big box of food up there?  Ohhh let me just tell you why … cause mr. preacher man stoleit!   Yes, yes he did.  Took it.  Someone is going to have to find him a day job.  Again, I was working away in court and he came to visit the courthouse … I am begining to think he is trying to take my job.  I come down from court to find my big ole box of food missing and I had a nice little note on my desk.   At least he’s a polite thief.   The worst part is … my co workers didn’t even attempt to stop him.  They just let him waltz right out with my last box full of loot.  I am feeling betrayed … I might even cry a tear or two.  Not that it would do me a lick of good, they probably helped him load it up.   Sweet Alice, she grinned like a chesire cat.  Betsy, she denied any knowledge of the crime.  Betty just gave me that “I’m the innocent one” look.  I don’t know what Page, Tammy or Heather thought … I was busy trying to get my fanny back to court and didn’t get a chance to ask them.  Earp was with me in court, so this time she is innocent.  I guess tomorrow I am just going to have to file a small claims for return of personal property.  The problem with that idea is Cathy will be the judge in court and she’ll seize the evidence for her own box and there I’ll be!

It looks like I have some catching up to do.  This is the last week of the Mt. Wesley smackdown on hunger challenge.  If you haven’t donated, I will have an empty box in front of my desk tomorrow.  Please come by and fill it back up.  I will try my best to keep a better eye on it this time!


6 Comments on “* the grinch who stole my box …”

  1. Cathy

    Well………i think that the box needs to be handed over to me to hold for evidence, i will then make a decision on 12-14-2009 about who gets the BOX back…sound fair?

  2. eric

    I did not steal that box. I do not have that box in my possession. It isn’t at my house, it isn’t in my vehicle, it isn’t at the church, it isn’t on the shelves at the food pantry, it isn’t even in the bat cave. I am sure you just misplaced that box. I know you where worried that something like this might happen so you hid it and now you can’t remember where you put it. Instead of owning up and just saying that your playing the blame game. I am appalled to think that you would accuse me of such shenanigans. I pray that box shows up. Have a good day.

  3. Tony Jones

    You know I love you but……….the way I hear it Eric is sooooooo far ahead he really didn’t need the extra box….. But, remember what I always said in softball second place is just the first loser…….oh wait, I mean just have fun its for a good cause.

  4. melinda

    I am making a new rule … Eric and Tony cannot be friends, they cannot associate with eachother and they cannot team up against me for any reason ever. Cathy, could you please do something with the 2 of them?

  5. eric

    And just for the record, Melinda did I take your little box?

    • melinda

      no, you took my BIG box! just for the record I will say, it has mysteriously re appeared back in front of my desk. There are some strange goings on in the clerks office this week! btw, thanks for lunch, now I feel obligated to at least be polite.

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