* Thad meets PW! …

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Just so you know … my brother loves me more than he loves chocolate and that’s a lot!  Tonight, he is standing in a very long line at a book store in Nashville, TN getting my Christmas present.  I’m not sure how he had any clue what the perfect gift would be for his favorite sister this year … I’m sure it wasn’t the email with very explicit instructions concerning the date and time he would need to be in this particular line, nope that could not have been it.  That would have been a little presumptuous of me and I am never presumptuous. 

Here is a sneek peek at my Christmas present:

Holy mother of the blog universe … it’s PW herself.  The real one.  Ree.  The by gosh Pioneer Woman!  If you do not understand the significance of that, I’m really sorry.  I know I sound a bit nuts and it’s really ok.

Here he is about 20 feet from her.  I am enamored and jealous.  I told him to please do what any really good brother would do and faint right in front of her and draw lots of attention to himself.  Maybe she would fawn over him or smack him or something.  You never know.  I also told him approximately 31 other things to tell her too.  I’m sure he won’t remember a one of them, but I’m not complaining.  He’s there, in line, because he loves me.  Bless his heart, he’s the best brother I have in the world. 


At least the line was indoors and didn’t involve hills or hiking!


5 Comments on “* Thad meets PW! …”

  1. Cathy

    I am so jealous…you think the pw would consider a trip to t-ville????? I bet she could or would help with our food boxes.

    • Thad

      Cathy, if she does decide to come to t-ville, lets ensure that Melinda and Daddy are not allowed to give directions. I think we all know how that goes! If not, just see the post “Road Rangers”

  2. Thad

    Oh, Melinda really owes me for this one…

  3. Betty

    I was in front of your brother at the Pioneer Woman signing and took the pictures of Ree and him. You are very lucky to have such a sweet and caring brother. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the book! I have your blog on my favorites now and will check in to see how you are from time to time. Oh yeah, you owe him big time (he didn’t tell me to say that!).
    Take care,

    • melinda

      Hi Betty. I am so glad you came to visit our blog. I would have to agree that I am extremely lucky in the brother category, he’s a pretty good guy, but don’t tell him I said so or I will never live it down! Thank you so much for being so kind as to send us some really great pictures, I truly appreciate them. And … I’m sure he was just paying me back for some kind deed I’ve done for him in the past so we’ll just call it even!

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