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Posted on December 10th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Are you ready for a super duper surprise?  Because for almost 1 whole year now …

* you have been faithful in supporting our little blog!

* you have endured reading things you never needed or wanted to know and we are still friends!

* you have laughed at me and cried with me!

* some of you have even been brave enough to comment!


For all of those reasons and way too many more to name … I want to give you a present.  I want to give all of you a present but as we have established, unfortnately for you, this is a po folks blog and I cannot be as generous as I would like.  Thus, one of you will be getting a very special present.  You can rub it in the noses of all of the rest of our readers or you can graciously take your loot and tell everyone else how incredibly guilty you feel about being the sole winner.  It’s up to you … I am just going to sit back and watch. 

This prize is being provided by my favorite little brother in the world.  While standing in line at the PW cookbook signing the other night, he came up with an idea.  I like his idea’s the majority of the time and I am really excited about this one in particular.  He purchased and asked Ree to autograph an additional cookbook, she obliged.  So in his possession is one brand spanking new, personally autographed PW cookbook just waiting to make it’s way in to your grubby little paws kitchen.  If you are a first time visitor here and have no clue who PW is, you should do yourself and your family a huge favor and go check out her blog.  Her recipes are to die for, my family will vouch for that. 


So how does this contest work?  Because I want you to have every opportunity in the world to win and I want to share (not my book but one like it) … there will be several ways to “get your name in the hat” more than once.  Here they are:

#1. leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  this will get you 1 entry.

#2. go to PW’s site, come back to our blog and tell me the one thing you like about her blog the most.  this will get you 1 entry.

#3. post a comment on your facebook page about the contest on our blog, copy and paste your post in the comment box here.  that will get you 1 entry.  If you are tech. savvy and add a link back to the blog from your facebook page, that will get you an additional entry, just be sure that you cut and paste the link back in the comment box.

#4. if you have your own blog, post about the contest and post a link to your blog in the comment box here. that will get you 1 entry.

#5. have your friends, family members or enemies leave a comment here on this post simply saying they want you to win. (eg: I would ask Richard to leave a comment saying “I want melinda to win”)  you can use facebook, text, email, your phone or send smoke signals to your buddies to get them to enter your name as many times as possible.  I don’t care how your name gets in the comment box as long as you aren’t the one to enter it other than the specified ways to enter.  The number of entries you get from this one is up to you and your partners in crime.  You will get 1 entry per person (other than yourself) who leaves your name in the comment box.  (they can also enter themselves by using any of the options available).

If you do any or all of the above, who knows how many entries you may end up with!  I’m excited to see if y’all participate.  If the rules aren’t clear, feel free to ask me and I will try to help as much as possible.

For every time your name is entered … your chances of winning will increase. (duh)!  I am not benefitting from this contest in any way shape or form, other than seeing how creative, fun and resourceful you all can be.  The Pioneer Woman has no clue I am on the face of this earth, although I am sure we would be quick buds if we ever met!

Drum roll please … below is a picture of the actual book that the winner will receive.  I hope it’s you who will be enjoying!


You will have until Tuesday night, December 15th, at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard time to have all of your entries in.  That’s the deadline.  No exceptions.  Tuesday night I will tally the number of times each person is entered and send that information to Thad, who will in turn randomly select the winner and announce it Wednesday morning on our blog.  If you plan to give the book to someone as a Christmas gift, you should have it in plenty of time. 

Let the games begin.  Good luck!

ps: this post will remain on the sidebar until the contest is over with a note to enter here so your buddies will know where to enter your name. 


79 Comments on “* PW cookbook christmas contest …”

  1. Kelly Ward

    I vote for Katrina to win the cookbook because she’s a great cook!

  2. Kaitlyn

    I vote for Katrina, my mom, cause shes the best mommy in the whole world!!

  3. Bradley Earp

    This cookbook should be given to Katrina because she sure can cook some beautiful food!

  4. Sheila Earp

    I want Katrina Jones to win the cookbook cause maybe she’ll cook me something and I hear she’s VERY good :)

  5. eric

    One entry is all I need. HA!

  6. Bobbi

    I have seen a whole new side to our Beloved Pastor (aka Preacher man) since I have started reading the blog. LOL Who knew he was so competitive? I would like to enter myself in the drawing. Thanks for your generosity Melinda. I am shocked you didn’t give this to Cat for Christmas as I saw on here she really wants one. I’m sure she will get her name in. As a matter of fact if it’s not against the rules, (short term memory loss ha ha) I would like to enter her name as well.

    • melinda

      isn’t it amazing the things we learn about the ones we love! i would say mr. preacher man is a bit on the competetive side, i am so greatful i don’t possess that same quality … jimmy did point out that if i really loved Cat i would have just given her the book to begin with. as much as i do love her, i wouldn’t want to miss out on this fun for anything!

  7. Cathy


  8. katrina

    This is Katrina again and I want to say how thankful I am for all of my wonderful friends votes!!!and all of the nice comments about me, that makes my day, I am a winner either way!!! Whoever happens to win should make a couple dishes and invite the loser over to eat!!! or better still maybe Melinda can cook us up some grub!!!


    please give the cookbook to Katrina !!!!! She is not only a great cook and a great mother but she is a genuinely GREAT PERSON with a GREAT BIG HEART for others… Her and her husband both are great role models in our community !!! GIVE IT UP FOR KATRINA !!!!! YWOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Logan

    Please give my mom Michele the cookbook, I need good food to eat!

  11. eric

    I would say this book really was really intended for Cathy but once she chose my side in the Smackdown on food the book said bye-bye and regardless of how many entries she has here I believe she has a snowball’s chance, you know the rest.

    • melinda

      I believe you may be the devils brother! #1. this book nor the idea for this giveaway was even an option when she mentioned crossing over to the dark side & forming an alliance with you. #2. I am not devious enough to think of the plot you described (ok, so maybe I am but I didn’t … I might have considered it had I thought of it)!

      • Thad

        Eric, it took a lot of white-out to get Cathy’s name off the autograph! No, just kidding… the bad thing is, if Cathy would have just asked, I would have been happy to get her book signed!

        • melinda

          it’s my fault that I didn’t send other books to be signed. it was my understanding from the other book store signings that you had to purchase your book at the store in order to get it signed. Cathy, Michele and Courtney all 3 asked me about you getting their books signed.

  12. Travis Richey

    I Vote for: Katrina.

  13. eric

    Don’t call me devious when you held out on your friends. “Oh I didn’t know, I thought… blah,blah, blah.” I just can’t to win this book.

  14. eric

    I can’t wait to win.

    • melinda

      if you win this book i might have to vomit! it’s bad enough you are going to beat me tomorrow and i will have to endure the never ending “i told you so’s” for eternity … i cannot believe you are going to beat me with a crate of chocolate covered cherries. that is just so wrong, who eats chocolate covered cherries? nobody, that’s who! no wonder they “donated” them to you. i am taking my sore loser fanny to bed now, i have to prepare to eat crow tomorrow, my stomach is already upset. goodnight.

  15. chrisi

    i vote for cathy. :)

  16. RITA

    I enjoy this blog daily. A lot of days it gives me the boost to get started for the day. Love your site Melinda!

  17. RITA

    The web site for Pioneer Women is great and the photography section I love. The black and white photos are the best. Loved the site as a whole.

  18. Heather

    My sister Katrina really would like to win and I love my sister so please I want her to win

  19. Joseph

    I want Katrina to win!!!

  20. Heather

    I vote for Katrina!!!

  21. Penny

    I would love to win this cookbook !

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