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Posted on December 13th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House



The food pantry before picture

Today is the official last day of the Mt. Wesley smackdown on hunger challenge …. wooo!  As of right this minute the men’s class, lead by mr. preacher man, is in the lead.  The young adult class, lead by yours truly, is in second by about 2 boxes (I think).  I got a little inside info this morning that the YA class my have some loot headed our way this evening.  The other classes have put up a hard fought battle and honestly, depending on who brings in what tonight, the win could go to any class.

But, here is the greatest part of all … I am so excited to say this.  It doesn’t really matter who officially wins, we are all winners.  What really matters is that we have come together as a church, a community and an extended family to serve others, to meet the needs of people in our community.  Ultimately, everyone who has pitched in has brought the honor, praise and glory to God, laid it in a box and willingly sacrificed in His name.  When these food boxes go out next week, it won’t be melinda, cathy, mr. preacher man or Mt. Wesley church who will receive any credit.  All of the credit will go to God.  God who can unite people who may not see eye to eye on our personal beliefs,  God who can over come a tough economy,  God who can unite churches of different denominations to put petty differences to the side for the service of those in need,  God who is truly too big for us to fathom but yet so personal that He provides for every small individual need in His way, in His timing.  I am just in awe that I get to be part of it.  That I get to help be the hands and feet of Christ. 

I wish you could all see and feel the excitement at the church house during this time.  I wish you could feel the sweet spirit winding its way thru our church family, breathing the breath of fresh air, redemption and new beginings.  When we as a church, stop playing church and instead start living the message of the Bible, the results are overwhelming.  If you would have asked me a year ago if our food pantry would literally be over flowing … my immediate answer would have been … um no.  If you had asked me if I ever thought my immediate  family would spend our Thanksgiving shopping together for canned foods & toiletries instead of camping out in some black Friday line, I would’ve laughed and said, heck no, are you nuts?   If you would have asked me if I could imagine children, teenagers, middle aged adults and seniors from all walks of life, not just our church, coming together to do community outreach right here in our home town, enjoying time spent serving others, for no reason other than it is the right thing to do … I would’ve said, don’t you know I like to sleep late on Saturdays and I don’t do bugs or vermin?  I stand amazed at the difference a year makes, not only in myself but in those around me.  When we started the food challenge, Jimmy Brown used this quote to motivate us: “little is much when God is in it”.  How true I find that to be and how much more can a little become if we continue to ask God to be in it.

Please remember that the needs of others will not cease to exist after Christmas is over.  There will be many upcoming opportunities for service in the next year.  I hope you will consider getting involved on whatever level you are capable.  Our willingness to serve is a clear expression of our faith … it is a part of our voice.  (More to come on that whole voice thing soon).  If you aren’t too busy, sometime today, whoop out your Bible and read John chapter 1 verses 19 thru 28 … it’s some really good stuff.  Let me know what you think.  I would be interested in your take on what John the Baptist has to say.  I think I like John pretty good.  I like his attitude, his humbleness and his direct approach. 

Make sure to stop back by tonight for the winner and the after picture of the food pantry.   


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