* twas the morning after Christmas …

Posted on December 26th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Goodmorning.  I’m fairly certain that today is one of my favortie days of the year.  The hustle, bustle, running and hecticness of Christmas is over.  Now we can get down to the far more important business of enjoying some relaxing time with our family. 

Unless you are the lucky one in the house who has been voted breakfast fixer


it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it …

Before you can cook, you have to get dressed in the proper attire …


What shall chef Emma Joy fix us this morning?


some eggs maybe?


No? you don’t want eggs? Well, I really hate that for you ..


time for clean up … this cooking breakfast stuff is hard work!


Thanks for the hankie uncle little Richard, I need to wipe the sweat off of my little slave driven head!  Bless, somebody better tell my Bapa these people are being mean to me!


2 Comments on “* twas the morning after Christmas …”

  1. Grandmommie and Caitlin

    Merry Christmas Emma Joy!!! Those eggs you cooked sure did look yummy. We wish we were there to enjoy some. We miss everyone! Love ya’ll bunches!!! xoxoxo

  2. Amy M

    Absolutely precious, as usual! Glad you are having lots of relaxing, wonderful, good family fun! (well, all of you but poor Emma Joy, aka cinderella) We have got to get together sometime soon, please . . . sometime besides when I’m forced by the state!? I have had SOOOO much fun catching up on your blogs now that I have access again – the one about insomnia was inspired, classic, hilarious – even had Tim laughing outloud and, please sit down . . . impressed with your writing!! Ha! Be safe, have fun, see ya soon, LUV YA!!

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