* happy snuggie to you …

Posted on December 30th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.



And the winner of the gen-u-ine Snuggie blanket is Bobbi!  There were 20 comments but only 16 actual entries.  I made a list in order of the entry comments, headed over to random.org, put in the numbers and taadaa it picked #14 which was Bobbi’s comment.  Congratulations Bobbi!  I shall bring your snuggie with me to church so you can get all warm & cozied up for a good Sunday afternoon nap. 

Thank you all for playing along.  Stay tuned for more giveaways in the not so distant future.  The next thing we will be giving away is a personal favorite of mine.

Also, I am working on our year in review post, between laundry and taking down Christmas decorations, I hope to have it up sometime this afternoon.  You may want to block off some time for this one.

Happy Birthday to our blog! 

I posted my first ever post on www.lifeontheedgeofthedevilstrack.com one year ago today.  I had no clue what I was doing then and seldom have a clue what I am doing now, but it sure has been a lot of fun (at least on my part). 

As a small gesture of my appreciation, today we will be giving away a happy birthday gift from the blog to one of you. 



That’s right y’all … a gen-u-ine Snuggie blanket as seen on tv can be yours for the very low price of leaving a comment on this post. 

I got tickled tonight in the check out line listening to the teenage boys talk about their newly acquired snuggie blankets.  Apparently, they are a big hit with the teenage crowd … I learned, you can text, play video games, talk on your cellular mobile device or change the tv without ever having to uncover yourself.  All of which sound pretty handy to me, if I could only teach it to walk to the refrigerator for me, I’d be good to go.  Personally, I have been the proud owner of a snuggie blanket for a year now and love it.  It comes in very handy at my summer home the campground.

As a part of the gift package, if the winner so desires, I will be glad to embroider it (or kindly ask Richard to embroider it) with something they choose. 

To enter, just tell me how you plan to spend your New Years Eve?  I will send all the entry numbers to a random number picker on Friday morning and post the winner around 11 am est. 

Check back Friday for a year in review … we’re going to take a quick trip down blog memory lane!

fine print: this snuggie is not being regifted, this snuggie was purchased by yours truly for one of you to enjoy, the snuggie people have no clue that our blog exist.


23 Comments on “* happy snuggie to you …”

  1. cathy

    i am going to my brothers house to celebrate……i know if i win this that everyone will stop reading and swear up and down its rigged…so on that note i am the proud owner of a snuggie already and i love it and i am not entering i just wanted to let you know i am still alive and everyone should own a snuggie

    • Thad

      Cathy, do you think Sarah Palin has a Sunggie?

  2. Amy Pruett

    I will be spending New Year’s Eve with my best friend of 31 years Kay Willis and her family. We will probably eat and laugh and sing and dance and fall asleep before 10:00pm but it will be fun.

  3. Penny

    Hope you are able to leave for home, the Devil Track isn’t the same without my neighbors. If you get home on time, we will be having our New Years Party and would love for all of you to join us. Come for the snacks and fellowship. Be careful coming home. Love to all.

  4. Tina Privette Hilton

    im having a New Years party , with friends and family , lots of good food . I hope Everyone has a safe New Years ,

  5. Wendy

    Everyone got a snuggie this year except me! I actually didn’t get any new clothes just some money. I would love to win this one! And I have enjoyed reading this blog, Melinda you are hillarious and its neat that someone in little old Taylorsville can create something so interesting to read!

  6. Jodie

    The kids and I are going to spend New Years Eve together, either going to our neighbors, or just staying home and renting movies/ playing board games. I am just happy we will be “chill out” TOGETHER this year. Alot of times the kids are going every which direction.
    Our home to your home wishes you and your family a very happy, healthy new year.

  7. Tanner

    Ya, what my mom said. =P haha.

  8. bradley millsaps

    I will be spending it with my loving wife. Probably fall asleep this year and wake up next year. I pray all have a healthy and prosperous new year!

  9. Amy Barnes

    Rodney, Bailey and I will be sleeping through the New Years…ha don’t we sound old. lol Rodney has to get up at 4:30 to go to work. And I’m definitely not making a 9 month old stay up. I can’t believe Ms. Bailey will be 9 months old tomorrow.

  10. eric

    Come on Amy, no sense of adventure, It will be great for Bailey to stay up till two and it will make tomorrow so much better for the both of you. For new Years my kids, my wife and I will sacked out. We will tell it good morning.

  11. Your twin

    I, dear sister, will be heading to the Cape after work to ring in 2010! I can not wait! Sure hope that you all enjoyed Christmas and have planned something special for New Years Eve! Sending you love from the North… your twin xoxoxo

  12. Amanda Lail

    as normal I will be at home!!

  13. Michele

    I will be spending New Years at my brother’s house, it will be nice to see him host instead of us girls. I got a snuggie from my pal Renee’ for Christmas, love it!! But, Chelsie is wanting one now. I would love to win it for her!!

  14. Sandy

    Well as of right now I guess me and Bradley will ring in the New Years together. Probably watching movies or listening to music. But just being with each other as another New Year starts and thanking God for each our family and friends as good as it can get.

  15. cathy

    Thad , Sarah would love for you to send her one she said its really cold there.

  16. Bobbi

    Our family will be spending New Years Eve at home in NC again this year. We don’t have anything planned at all, haven’t even mentioned doing anything special at all. I would love to win the snuggie, everyone in my parents home got one this year too. Those of us in NC didn’t. I guess they think it’s alot warmer here. I’m glad they have theirs but I would like to join the warm-n-proud owner club. Wishing everyone Peace , Love and Joy in your homes this year & all the years to come!!!!

  17. Marjorie Markham

    I would love to enter but…..I got an APPALACHIAN ONE! Yes, my very own snuggie that Kevin has been hogging only cause I let him. LOL Hope someone who really needs one gets it. Happy New Year Everyone!!

  18. chrisi

    i am spending new years eve with my family and friends at cathy’s house. :) i want that snuggie!!

  19. Matthew

    I will be spending my New Years at the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office 911 Communications Center. If I win I will give it to my Daughter she is wanting one bad.

  20. cathy

    Congrats Bobbi, I know it will keep you warm

  21. Bobbi

    I can’t believe I won!! I never win anything. I am very thankful to you Melinda for the snuggie & the blog. I always enjoy reading your outlook on things, it brightens my day! I don’t always comment but I do try to read all your posts & others comments. I kinda feel bad for the other 15 of you who didn’t win. Sorry, but I will enjoy the snuggie. In hindsight, if there is anyone who really NEEDS the snuggie post it on here & I will let Melinda give it to you instead, if not, I look forward to my new snuggie!!

    • melinda

      bobbi, i am really excited you won! i appreciate you taking time to read the blog.

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