* a year in review …

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Are you ready for a stroll down blog memory lane?  You may want to grab a sundrop, some popcorn, kick off your shoes and plan to stay for a bit … it’s been a busy year around here.  If at any point you need to take a potty break … I’ll understand.  I’ve tried to think of the most interesting and logical way to do this post and I have decided on a month by month overview.  That approach just seems easiest.

Most importantly, I want to say thank you for coming along on this often crazy, confusing, humorous and occasionally insightful journey of mine.  When we (and I say we because this blog is in every sense a we not an I) started this journey, I had many preconceived notions about what I thought I would write about or not write about.  What directions we would pursue or what areas are best left alone.  Way back when, I wrote a postabout why I blog and the majority of what I wrote then still applies today.  What I didn’t anticipate was the fun I would have along the way … how each of you would become an intricate part of this blog.  How much I would look forward to reading your comments, laughing together, sharing life together in an entirely new way.  I have been surprised by some of our faithful readers along the way and I’ve spit sundrop on my computer screen laughing more than once this past year.  I have learned a tiny weeny bit about html, widgeting and blog stats.  I have learned that my brother will answer his phone at any hour, day or night, to help me with the blog.  If you love our little blog … you should be thankful for him, cause we wouldn’t be here without him.  But more than his technical support, I appreciate his love and generous spirit in his efforts to make our blog a special place to hang out.  I really hope y’all will stick around for another year … I’m not sure where our blog will go but I am sure it will be a lot more fun with you along for the ride!

You gotta pee yet?

January 09:

The 1st and most important thing you learned about little ole me was my top 10 list.  All of these still hold true today!  Not much about my personality is likely to ever change … I’m too old for that.

It took me about 2 weeks to start having a blog identity crisis.  I was all over the place … we went from a really simple kind of blah design to some freaky (make you want to puke) colors to a bird who eventually came to be known as Lynard… Lynard is still part of our blog, do you have a clue where?  Look hard.  And then there was the whole angel theme thing that some of you thought was a bit of a stretch.  pfff, whatever, Cathy and I are angels in disguise.  I took to referring to you as peeps on occasion, which Heather quickly pointed out she hated, thus no more peeps.  We also met mamaw and her mamawism in January … she continues to be a blog favorite and one of my personal favorite people ever.

February 09′:

I shared with you about my faith and how I came to be at the church house and the importance of my relationship with Jesus and my church family.  There would be many more post to come & eventually an entire category about our church house.

I introduced you to my exceptionally romantic husband and my favorite troll Tony & Freaky Friday was a hit.  I wish some of you would step up and volunteer to write a Freaky Friday, I have lots of people ask about it but no one volunteering to write one!  To check out all the Freaky Friday post, just enter Freaky Friday in the search bar and it will take you to them, they are really funny.

And my brother and butthead Brad held my dad hostage in TN until I finally freed him.

I also mastered the fine art of the chocolate chip pancake.  Don’t laugh … it’s highly technical stuff!

March 09′:

In March, we loaded up like a bunch of hillbillies and traveled to TN for Emma Joy’s 1st birthday.  While we were there, we had some family pictures done that were actually pretty good. 

My youngest daughter caused me to question her sanity as if it were ever really in question.

April 09′:

I learned first hand that God has a wicked sense of humor.  Sometimes we just have to sit back and laugh at ourselves whatever the circumstances may be.

Richard and I started our first ever garden … which lead to an entire subsection on our blog called Bloomin’ Idiots.  I love bloomin’ idiots and cannot wait to start it up again with some new and improved changes in the upcoming year.

We also went camping for the first time of the year and bless our hearts … met Charles.  While we were there, we celebrated Anna’s 18th birthday by getting tatted upmuch to the dismay of her Bapa.

May 09′:

Wow, May was a busy month around here.  Anna went to prom.   At the same time all of that was going on … my bossof many years up and decides to retire.  Someone had definitely moved my cheese

And if all of that were not bad enough … I nearly died at the grocery store!

June 09′:

June brought Anna’s graduation and one heck of a big hoe down.  We had a great time and I did not have to be committed. 

I also learned a very valuable lesson concerning generic cereal purchases!

We camped some more and I took a couple week break from the blog while we vacationed at our summer home with family and friends.

July 09′:

Emma Joy started pre school … she is growing up so quickly.

Rodeo was in full swing and Christopher did us all proud by riding a bull.

And the hay field once again brought friends and family to help when we need it most.  I am so very thankful for our friends and family.

August 09′:

August brought my oldest daughters 21st birthday.  What a beautiful young woman she has grown up to be, it truly does take a village of idiots to raise a child.

We had a great VBS down at the church house.  So many kids and adults had a wonderful time.

Our family reached our 3 year mark without mom.  I think I miss her as much now as I did 3 years ago.

And Richard headed off to TN for an extended stay at Thad and Brad’s house.  And I headed off with the church house crew on a white water rafting trip.

September 09′:

Well low and behold my dad also decides to retire.  We spent a long Labor Day weekend in TN as a family trying to make some important decisions.  I miss him being at work more than I can express but I am so glad he is finding time to enjoy things in his life that he didn’t have much time for before retirement

We also celebrated lots of birthdays in September … Dad, Thad and Brad all 3 had birthdays!

With all that other stuff going on, Chrisi was busy with school and volunteer work

October 09′:

October brought my birthdayand Daddy spending some time in TN with Thad & his family. 

We enjoyed going to the fair and doing a little political work all at the same time.

November 09′:

Let the holidays begin … I staked my claim that holiday decorations should not go up prior to Christmas and once again we headed to TN for the holiday where my daddy tried his hardest to kill me

We started the Mt. Wesley smackdown on hungerchallenge … which my class eventually lost to mr. preacher man’s class much to my dismay!

And alas we arrive at December

I am not going to do an overview of December, most of it you can find right here on the current pages of our blog.

I’m sure your feet are asleep and tingling like porky pines about now or you have long since given up and left.  I will end with this … I have had an incredible time getting to know you better and I love our little ole blog and I owe that all to you right now


7 Comments on “* a year in review …”

  1. Tammy G

    I do love your blog. Thanks for the laughs. I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings. Happy New Year to you and hope it is filled with many many blessings.

    • melinda

      i do love that you finally left me a comment!

  2. Jodie

    Melinda…I have enjoyed your blog more than you know. You have made me laugh, cry (and nearly pee my pants more than once.) I love your sense of humor. More than anything, I enjoy reading about your family. I can’t wait to see what is next in the coming year.

  3. Michele

    Melinda, I have enjoyed the blog this year. It has been a great year in many ways, the Lord has blessed us all. I also enjoyed bringing in the New Year with you and the crew, even though we had to skip out early. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait until you give away your first apron!

  4. Marjorie Markham

    Girl….I love this blog. It’s got a chaoticness (is that a word) to it that is similar to my life. I don’t get to see you enough and not sure what this next football season will hold for me, but I did enjoy looking for the “Waldo family that sits behnd me”. You were there on the most important day that I needed my friends and I will never forget that. I love you!

  5. Mom Anita

    Love your blog and that you take the time to keep it up! I do miss Freaky Friday!

  6. Courtney

    I love your blog and look forward to reading it. When I’m at school (and have constant internet access – unlike at home) I check it every night before bed to see what kind of shenanigans you’ve posted about.

    I love you & your family tons. :)

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