* celebrate good times! come on …

Posted on January 1st, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I thought I would share some pictures of our New Years fun at Cathy’s for your viewing pleasure.  We had a really good time ringing in the new year.  Maybe these will keep you occupied while I work on the actual post for today!  Or maybe you will just get really bored … either way, I hope you’re having a happy new year holiday.


Some of my favorite kids young people in the world.  They are playing either Madden football or Call to Duty, not sure which.  I tried Call to Duty and I suck at it as bad as I do UFC fighting if that is humanly possible.


Jimmy Brown (please please oh please notice the beads in the beard … you’re welcome Cat) with my oldest daughter, his non bio daughter,  possible future sister in law.  That is so wrong on so many levels, I cannot even begin to explain. 


Don’t ask and I won’t tell.  This is what I get for letting Richard learn to sew.  Maybe I won’t stay in TN longer than him next time.


Dear Greg, it’s just easier to smile, let me take your picture & get it over with.  Love, me.

See Greg, your lovely wife is with the program.  You can just ignore me while I take your picture.



The boys chillin’ with the video games.  I think Chase has the best idea on how to play those crazy games, grab someone who knows what they’re doing and hold on for the ride!


Apples to Apples anyone?  Love this game!


Yes.  She goms up her farmville too.  Name that gommer?


Little boy go blow your blue horn!


Brandon literally sounded like a stampeding elephant blowing that horn thing.  Christopher made me laugh just watching him laugh. 


I have seen it all.  Cat & her little brother Jeff.  I am saving this picture for future blackmail purposes.  Or maybe I am printing one for their parents and their sister as we speak.  This is a classic & Cat, you are so hot in those glasses. 

Almost as hot as …


those boys we married!  What were we thinking?


Anna & her man Matt.  If you ever meet him, shake his hand, tell him he is a good & brave man. 


I have nothing to say.  Wait! I will share one personal rule I have: never ever for any reason do I go out in public with Bradley if it can be avoided.  nuff said.


Our party planners … Chrisi & Jeff.  oh you figure it out, I give up.


Our latest victims additions to the crew, James & Lorie.  Go ahead, say bless um and move on.

And I saved my favorite for last …


Chase Man Doodle!

Happy New Year to you & yours from me. & mine.  Amy, Rodney, Baily, Chelsie & Logan, Michael, Shelly, Marissa & Michaela … we missed y’all last night.


4 Comments on “* celebrate good times! come on …”

  1. chrisi

    i love all the pictures, but especially the bottom one of little chase :)

  2. Courtney

    Aww, how fun! :)

  3. Bambam

    All the pictures look great. The one of me and Lorri HA HA! I need to try to not smile so much. I know my eyes were open that night. Chase looks like Ralphy on The Christmas Story.

  4. melinda

    why don’t you just confuse me a little bit? i was like who in the world? and then, being the smart girl that I am … I figured it out. you do look like bambam, that’s funny! the picture of you and lorri is good, stop whining, it only gets worse from here!

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