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Posted on January 3rd, 2010 by melinda in The Church House


The oddest thing happened to me today and I feel the need to share.  Do you ever have expectations of feeling one thing and then you end up feeling something completely different?  Like for instance, you really look forward to going to see a movie and you go … and the movie is fine, you enjoy it, but it isn’t what you expected.  That’s kind of how I feel today.  I feel like someone threw away my old, comfy, dependable, yet nasty to look at uggs, and put be in a brand spanking new pair that just don’t fit quite right.  A familiar but odd feeling all at once. 

Today was our first service in our new building down at the church house.  I’m not even sure I feel comfortable calling it the church house anymore … it’s just weird.  Don’t get me wrong, the building is beautiful.  Our old building … not so much.  In fact, our old building is literally held together by hurricane rods.  The floors are falling in, the basement is a flood zone and there are boards over the windows.  We had to squish together like sardines to fit in the pews and the roof leaks on a regular basis.  There is nothing physically attractive about our old building.

This morning mr. preacher man gave a history of our building project and how it came to fruition.  As I was listening and looking around at all the space (which oddly enough was very full this morning), the new stuff, the new smells and actual working sound system, it occurs to me, out of the blue, that I feel strangely out of place.  God is still God 100 yards from where He was God last week, my church family are the same people I have known and loved for years, the hymn books were the same, so why did I feel so out of sorts.  And I must admit, I was a little sad.  I felt a bit nostalgic if you will.  I quickly realized, that for all of it’s physical and structural faults, our old church house was perfect  for me in every sense of the word.  We were a good fit, the old church house and me.  I came to Mt. Wesley a broken soul.  I, like the old building, was in need of an overhaul far beyond what any every day carpenter could repair … I was in deep need of The Carpenter’s hand to gently reach down and piece by piece repair my broken spirit.  Over the years as the layers of paint have peeled from the old buildings walls so have the layers of regret, bad decisions, hurt, pride and stubbornness been peeled from my heart.  Maybe the old building felt like a safe ca coon in which I found comfort.  It was at the altar in our old building that I truly and fully accepted Christ as my personal Savior, where I laid many a burden at the feet of my God, mourned openly over the loss of my mother and pleaded with God, thru more tears than I can tell you about, to restore my marriage at a time that restoration seemed impossible.  On those pews and in those aisles, bonds beyond friendship have been formed that will endure forever.  I have watched my young teenage daughters grow into beautiful, faithful, committed young women.  We have laughed and cried together, welcomed new members and new babies, and said our last goodbyes to those who have gone to be with Jesus, knowing that there will be a day of rejoicing when we meet again in heaven.  We’ve had our share of struggles, people have left to go elsewhere along the path we are walking but instead of division, we trusted that God had a plan … and He did, and does. 

I know that in time, our new building will feel cozy and comfortable to me.  I know that we have been blessed beyond measure.  I know that a building does not make a church, that I am sure of.  I know that God has plans for our church house that surpass what may seem possible at the moment. 

I hope that our new building will open new doors for those who may be broken and in need of repair.  I hope that having more space will allow growth, not just in numbers, but more importantly in our spiritual journey as individuals and as a body of believers.

I pray that we never forget where we began.  That the humbleness of our old building follows closely on our heels, ever reminding us that God did not come into this world in a fancy palace but a simple broken down stable.  I pray that our hearts will continue to be open to God’s will for our future.  I pray we heed Eric’s message and stay ever vigilant in our walk, never unlocking horns, never trying to go it alone, never straying from our core unit as a church family with Christ as our leader.

I pray that when people see Mt. Wesley, they simply see, a body of believers, who are following God’s plan, serving others, living and striving daily to do His will … who just happen to have been blessed with a nice place to meet.


4 Comments on “* in this church …”

  1. cathy

    As I wipe tears for what seems to be a loss (old church) and put on my steel toe boots (for the new church) which by the way, i should have worn tonight to church, I look forward to the new year, new building, new missions and new members. I ask God to let me be the light, and example that he wants me to be and not what i am comfortable with, whatever that may be. God Bless all of you and I hope your new year is wonderful and full of God.

  2. Bobbi

    All I can utter to what both of you have said, is AMEN! I think everyone who was in attendance this morning would give a resounding AMEN!!!

  3. Judy

    All of you said the perpect words. I felt the same thing. I remenber Mt. Wesley when I was a very small girl.
    I also look forward to bigger and better things in store for our church.

  4. Amy Barnes

    Can I hear an “AMEN” I felt the same way…It’s just not the same I kept telling myself. The old church has so many memories, but as Rodney told me…just remember those as precious memories that will never be forgotten. I believe and pray this new church, opens new doors for my life and everyone elses. Love ya’ll!!

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