* my model friends …

Posted on January 6th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

So melinda, how is the sewing thing working out for you?  Oh, I am so glad you asked!  It’s actually working out pretty well so far.  Of course, I’m not sure if a real seamstress would count making a few aprons


and sewing a tote bag as overly industrious sewing … but I think it’s pretty dadgum nifty.  I like it.  I like the feeling of accomplishment when I see something tangible that I’ve made.  Please excuse me while I pat myself on the back just a tad.  Ok, now back to reality … I am getting a tiny bit more brave in the embroidering arena.  I actually assembled the embroidery part of the machine, hooked it up and used it all by myself the other night.  I was so proud of myself, until boy wonder Richard came home and immediately informed me that I had not changed the machine from the sewing foot to the embroidery foot … details, details, details … geez.  So he fixed it for me and I was back to work. 

I have figured out if you make your friends stuff,  they in turn don’t whine too much feel obligated to let you take their picture for our blog.  Bribery … it works every single time!  (if bribery doesn’t work, try guilt, I’ve heard it works wonders also. Not that I would ever resort to such tactics, I’m just saying if you want to try it, it may work).


Don’t ya think Earpie and Cat kinda look like those Price is Right girls?  Did you ever have a strong urge to yell “come on down” for no good reason?  Seriously, was that just me?  You know good and well you just yelled “come on down” to yourself.  Don’t lie.

If making your friends something doesn’t get them to cooperate with the whole picture taking thing, then I suggest you just give them something anyone would love … a gen-u-ine snuggie will always do the trick! 


See, even Bobbi was happy to let me take her picture after she won the snuggie giveaway last week.  I was glad to hear that Bobbi and family have been making good use of the ole snuggie.   And just in case any of you don’t know Bobbi (that’s her husband raft captain Kevin in the back) you should hear the girl sing.  She has the absolute most beautiful voice.  Unlike me, she doesn’t bleet like a sheep

My theory is this:  I have wonderful friends, who can be easily bribed, guilted or gifted into modeling for the blog.  If only every thing in life were so easy!  Besides, it’s way less expensive than a mannequin.


6 Comments on “* my model friends …”

  1. Amanda Lail

    we could get together and have a sewing party!!!

  2. chrisi

    looks like you’re getting pretty good on the sewing machine mom!

  3. Bobbi

    I am very impressed with your sewing! The embroidery work looks awesome!!! My picture, not so much. I had that fly away hair thing going with the wind Sun morning. Thank you for the encouragement about my singing, I appreciate it. I am just glad to be able to make a joyful noise for the Lord. Me & captain Kevin luv ya!

  4. Amy Barnes

    Love the embroidered aprons. They look great!

  5. Michele

    Great work Melinda!!! It looks like Bobbi could have used the snuggie in the pic,lol!

  6. Katrina

    Melinda, you are encouraging me to get out my sewing machine. Nice picture of Tammy and Cathy!!

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