* see janie …

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

See dog  janie sit …


see dog  janie give you the evil eye …


see dog  my canine sister janie eat her own ice cream cone …


Is there such a thing as pet intervention?  Please just don’t answer that … I may get disowned!


6 Comments on “* see janie …”

  1. Michele

    I warned you Melinda!! You might want to check your inheritance, I think Janie just knocked you out of the saddle,lol!

  2. chrisi

    have no fear, the three girls are still in the inheritance along with janie :)
    hate it for ya mom.

  3. cathy

    You better be glad your father doesn’t read this you referred to Janie as a pet….what were you thinking.

  4. Daddy Durmire

    I was here

  5. melinda

    thank you for checking in daddy durmire … Cat, the only reason i even ventured into janie territory is because i know without a doubt my daddy will not read this … chele, you’re right, i am so out of luck, chrisi … you best be careful you may be outta the saddle yourself! Besides, i really really hope none of us need to be concerned about any sort of inheritance for a very very long time!

  6. chrisi

    me too! heat is working again at our house by the way.

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