* it’s so easy a caveman could do it.

Posted on January 11th, 2010 by melinda in making marriage work


I love my husband.  I do not love my husbands new look.  I cannot figure out which he resembles the most:

a) 1970’s adult film star.

b) a caveman

c) a wooly booger

d) a stubborn man who will not listen to reasoning from his nagging loving wife

There is no logic for this look he is proudly sporting.  I wish I could explain to you exactly how far up the wall it is driving me.  I’m thinking if he doesn’t soon shave and get a hair cut I am kicking him out of his cave.  I blame it squarely on Jimmy Brown … he encourages this bad behavior.  Would y’all paahhlleeezzze help a sister out here and explain to him that getting a haircut and shaving are not difficult tasks.  In fact, it’s so easy a caveman could do it!

thats all, thank you.


5 Comments on “* it’s so easy a caveman could do it.”

  1. Bambam

    This is the winter look. It’s cold out there.

    • melinda

      it’s not that cold, and i can live with the beard … maybe we could go 50/50, he can cut the hair & keep the beard? remind me to show you a picture of him with his really long hair from back in the day sometime.

  2. Marjorie Markham

    I think he has the Grizzly Adams look!

    • melinda

      yes, that’s it … grizzly adams!

  3. Jill Mungall

    I’m going with the 70’s adult film maker. Here is a idea:

    A: roll play he is and have fun with it.
    B: Refuse to shave your legs, under arms and other areas until he does.

    Good Luck!

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