* do not follow this leader …

Posted on January 15th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I apologize in advance for the slackness of the post tonight.   My brother is in town on a business trip, which has never happened before, I think I am going to like NC being part of his new territory for HP.  If only he had brought Emma Joy and Brad … I keep telling him nobody really cares about seeing him now that he has a daughter.  (that really isn’t true, I am always glad to see him).

We had a nice dinner at Dad’s house and then we went to the crack store fabric store.  Richard went along, I think just to make sure I didn’t spend our grocery money on fabric and buttons and more fabric … oh my.  He has this weird thing about liking food in the fridge, not sure whats up with that.  You will be proud to know, I only spent a small pittance but came home happy.  Which would be when I got distracted from our blog.  I sat down to sew and here I still sit. 

Just as a side note … today we had some fellers from Australia to come visit our office.  It didn’t take long to figure out they ain’t from around here.  I loved their accent and they were really funny.  Heather did her shrimp on the barbie (however you say that) and one of them informed her they didn’t even has shrimp barbies, it was a myth.  I felt compelled to tell him that we didn’t all walk around pregnant and barefoot married to our cousins either.  They laughed.  And then, I was going outside to smoke get some fresh air and I hear someone behind me, I turn around to discover that they thought they were suppose to be following me.  Oh bless.  I was leading them off to doomdum and didn’t even know it.  Heather saved them and all was well. 

The most exciting news of the day is … Anita and mr. preacher man are in labor now.  Hopefully Zechariah will make his appearance into our lives shortly.  We are excited and sending thoughts and prayers their way tonight. 

I’m finished rambling now … goodnight my sweet friends.


2 Comments on “* do not follow this leader …”

  1. purejoy

    hahaha fabric is totally crack. and joann’s is my favorite dealer. need to get a second job to feed my habit. i love the orange fabric (but then i would, everything is orange in this town)

  2. Courtney

    I’m glad you were able to see Thad (I’m sorry Emma Joy and Brad were unable to come too) and I think you’re usually a fun leader.

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