* wii wii wii at my home …

Posted on January 17th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


I just want y’all to know … I am out of shape.  (gasp) NO!  I realize this comes as a shock to the majority of you.  Who knew round didn’t count as being in shape?  I thought round was a shape, and it happens to be my favorite shape, one I try to immulate.  I kinda like my humpty dumpty look I’ve got going on, but apparently the wii didn’t see things quite the same way.  Our new wii is the devil.  It hates me and I haven’t even done anything to it.  I was an innocent bystander and it insulted me for no good reason.  First of all, I should clarify, it isn’t our wii.. it’s Anna’s wii, Chrisi has one too.  My husband thinks the wii is a load of fun.  Probably because he is in great not round shape and he is actually more coordinated than a spaghetti noodle unlike yours truly.  Plus he thinks its a hoot to watch me make an idiot of myself. 

You wanna know what I hate so much about the new wii that has taken up residence at my house?  Oh please let me tell you.

#1. you cannot play it sitting on the couch.

#2. it tells you that it’s “disappointed” … like I needed to know that I disappointed it.

#3. it requires concentration

#4. and coordination … neither of which I excel at.

#5. it embarrasses me every time I attempt to play it.

#6. it is impossible to smoke and play the wii at the same time.

I should stick to sewing and embroidering.  Maybe reading  books is my forte’, maybe cooking … I don’t know, but  I do know for a certain fact that I am never going to be a wii master.  My butt muscles hurt, my ribs hurt, body parts I haven’t heard from in years are screaming “what in the world were you thinking stupid!” at me, loudly.  I’m still trying to catch my breath.   I wiggled around on the church pews today like I might have committed some dastardly deed cause I couldn’t sit in one position for more than 3 minutes without a body part going numb. 

If any of you feel a huge need to be tortured for no reason whatsoever, please feel free to come hang out at my house.  Maybe wii won’t tell you that your rated age is 64.  Ya … it told me that!  It’s a meanie head, I’m tellin’ ya.  On second thought, I think I should invite you all over for a game night, at least those of you over 40, maybe I could build my self esteem back up a bit!  What night is good for you?


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  1. Wendy

    OMG! Melinda you are hillarious! We have a wii here and one of our favorite games is bowling. I was wondering what game you were playing….If maybe you got into one of the Wii Fit thingys….the wii is tricky and if you are not careful, you will get snookered into exercise….LOL.

    • melinda

      wendy, we don’t have the wii fit at our house (praise the Lord) but chrisi has it. we played all the games on wii sport and i am so with you on the excerise by default thing … it’s mean and tricky!

  2. Michele

    Melinda, we have the Wii fit at our house. I warn you not to buy it, I think it should be recalled. It tells lies and tells you that you are overweight and out of shape,lol!!!!

    • melinda

      michele, i thought it was funny that christopher told chrisi the wii fit was jeff’s way of telling her she needed to go on a diet … if it thinks chrisi is over weight and old, it would probably tell me just to gently put the controller down and go check myself in to the rest home. i knew it was a liar … and mean!

  3. Tammy G

    Melinda the wii made it to our house this Chirtmas also. I know how you feel, my son thinks the game doesn’t work unless they are 2 players. Jeff (my husband ) plays golf alot with him but he leaves the other games for me. I know I know I need to lose a few pounds but help, everything i got hurts even some part I forgot I had. You would think the game gets easier, I let you know if it does .

  4. Marjorie Markham

    I am going to make your day Melinda. The Wii has made it to our house and last Sunday it told me my age was 67. Now I am not sure about many 67 yr old, but I do know at Planet Fitness I can walk at 4.3 mph on an incline of 3 for at least 15 min and most of the time I walk at 4mph. Bryant, by the way, played his baseball game sitting down. He hit a lot of home runs that way. When he stood to play, he was horrible. So….just frind the trick to sitting down to play. So glad you are enjoying it. LOL

  5. Amy Barnes

    I’m definitely ready for a much needed game night. :)

  6. Judy

    Is this the reason you could not set still in church, I thought it was something that Eric said. Just kidding, I did not even see you wiggling.

  7. Katrina

    We have the Wii Fit at home and every time I step on to weigh it goes Oh, like I have hurt it or offended it and it says nothing when Kaitlyn steps on, she laughs at me everytime it does that. We have alot of fun with ours but I have not been really serious with it yet.

  8. eric

    She can’t sit still in church because her feet don’t touch the floor and she is about to fall out of the seat. The Wii is definitely brutal but fun none the less.

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