* how to create a human “pen” cushion …

Posted on January 26th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

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my little friend Hope.  Don’t you just love her cute apron?  (the correct answer is yes in case you were pondering your answer) … if you would like one for a special kid in your life, let me know, I know the beautiful, sweet, funny, talented lady who makes them.  I’ll hook ya up.  I got connections like that.  Let me show you one more time.  Humor me, it’s your duty. 


Sunday night during our service project, Hope taught us all a few new tricks.  Here are the ingredients you will need for your very own human pen cushion:

1.  a really great guy (who happens to be your bff & michele’s brother & your daughters feller)

2. a hand full of ink pens you hiested from all the folks writing cards

3. a big imagination

4. an audience

Put them all in a large Sunday School room, throw in a tad of laughter and a pinch of 1 bored child and here is what you get …


Hold still Jeff … you might get your eye poked out!  This is highly technical, dangerous stuff.


Not the nose!  Noooo.  And he is still smiling.  Or is that a why are y’all not helping me out here look?  I should tell you that his brother in law, Jimmy Brown, was sitting right beside him, not helping him at all. 


And there you have it … our very own human pen cushion

disclaimer: there were no humans injured or tortured in the making of these photos.  please do not tell mr. preacher man we had so much fun writing cards or we may be on rest home singing duty next time and there is no reason to punish any elderly folks with my singing.  thank you.


3 Comments on “* how to create a human “pen” cushion …”

  1. Susan

    Hope said to tell you thanks for putting her and Jeff’s pictures up. She had a great time. She looks so cute in her apron. She helped me cook supper tonight and was wearing it. When we were done. She lovingly folded it and put it back in the drawer. She is definitely a special girl even if she is mine.


    • melinda

      Susie, please tell Hope that I am thrilled to post her pictures! I’m just excited she has finally decided we can be friends. We had a great time cleaning on Saturday, not only is she a special kid … she’s a hard worker! I’m so happy she likes her apron and enjoys using it … that makes me smile!

  2. chrisi

    this is so sweet. :) jeff told me about becoming a pen cushion. hope is a sweet sweet girl!

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