* just pictures …

Posted on January 30th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.









12 Comments on “* just pictures …”

  1. tish

    Pictures are great!!!!!!!!

  2. Emmy

    love the pics :)

  3. melinda

    can you guess which is my favorite? do you have a favorite, please do tell!

  4. Corrie

    Fav would be the first.. There is just a kind of honest love you get from a dog, this picture captures it perfectly! Great shot and colors are beautiful..

  5. Marjorie Markham

    I love the one of Richard and his dog. The horse one was nice too. BTW, I love looking forward to your blogs.

  6. Jodie

    Can’t pick just one. They are all awesome. Tanner’s favorite is the ones with the 4-wheeler. :~}

    • melinda

      you need to bring the tan man to visit so he can ride on the 4 wheeler, holly can ride the horse and brady the golf cart … you and i can chill at the house!

  7. tanner

    what kind of camera do you have? it takes GREAT pictures!

    • melinda

      hey tan man! i have a kodak easy share point and shoot camera, but i edited the pictures with photoshop, thats how i got the colors to look different than just the regular picture.

  8. Thad

    Love the pictures, and great work with Photoshop, when are you teaching lessons?

    • melinda

      Ha! i do good to get to photoshop, much less show anyone else how to use it … you are the photoshop master of this family, not me. which was your favorite?

  9. tanner

    Sounds good to ALL of us.

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