* little miss Bailey …

Posted on February 7th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Ni Hao Y'all

Welcome back to Sunday Snapshot … I enjoyed posting some pictures for no good reason last week and thought I would give it a try again this week.  These were taken last night at our house (please overlook the dirty floors and messy house, we were having fun). 

Last week, I shared pictures of my girls … this week, I want to introduce you to miss Bailey.  Bailey is the 10 month old daughter of our good friends Rodney and Amy.  Our friend David is her pawpaw, but the truth is … we are all nuts about her and you just never know who may be loving on her at any given moment.  She is beautiful and happy.  She just learned to walk and is all over the place.  She has the most expressive face, she can give you the look

Bailey fixin’ to blast some chickens on the wii chicken blaster game.  Or she is just running off in the other direction with the blaster so no one else can blast any chickens …

Bless her little heart, nobody pays her a bit of attention.  Please notice mullet man is covering up the rockin’ mullet!

Flirting with Christopher already … at least she’s got good taste in guys.

What you talkin’ bout Jimmy Brown? 

Yikes!  it’s a gremlin!  Oh wait, it’s just Bentley, that was a close call.

C’mere Chrisi and I’ll show you how to work this thing, I probably need to check my facebook anyway … yeah, I’m a cool kid like that.

I can’t wait until Bailey and Emma Joy get to hang out and play.  That should make for some good pictures.

Don’t forget to click on the widget above and check out Stefanie’s girls getting ready for Valentines Day.  Sometimes I miss my girls being little … ewww mom that boy is gross was said more than once at our dining room table.  Those boys turned out to not be so gross after all.


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  1. cathy

    Great pictures of our Miss Bailey

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