* ties that bind …

Posted on February 9th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

It’s 2nd Tuesday … which equals PJ’s and a mamawism.  I didn’t go to PJ’s tonight, I just had some other things that needed tending to. 

Our mamawism is going to be a bit different tonight … I like knowing who someone is talking about when I’m having a conversation with them.  Don’t you?  Well if you don’t, too bad.  I thought tonight, I would share my mamaw’s favorite thing with you … her family.  Seriously, as far as mamaw was concerned, nothing and I mean nothing, should ever come before family.  We were all taught from a young age to be proud of our namesake, and we are.  I doubt you will ever hear a Bentley complain about being a Bentley.  Heck, get you an elected official in your family and you will have all kind of kin folk you never even knew you had.  When my dad was our sheriff we Bentley’s gained more cousins than we had aunts and uncles to give birth to them.  But, had my mamaw still been here, she would’ve wanted to invite them all over, feed them and tell them “y’all come back now, ya hear”! 

We’ll start with her kids …

Ok, from the left side looking at the picture, they are in order, baby to oldest … it goes like this, my daddy, my daddy’s Peggy, my uncle Harv(ey), aunt Carolyn and uncle Howard (which we all my mamaw pronounced Haired).  Let me just say, they are a fine looking bunch!

They aren’t accustomed to posing for pictures …

They (we) are accustomed to talking and having fun.

For the next picture they let their spouses join in the fun …

Behind my daddy’s Peggy is her husband, my uncle Larry (better known as Screwdriver, I don’t know why, but that’s what we call him, never ever Larry, just Screwdriver), beside of him is my uncle Harv’s wife, aunt Wanda and beside of her is my aunt Carolyn’s husband Dan.  My uncle Howard’s wife Ann was sick so she wasn’t with us that day.  My dad doesn’t have a spouse (don’t say it Margie, don’t do it).

They behaved for about 3.2 seconds and it was over …

And then, the horns came out … Wendy, Robin, Dawn and Misty, those are your parents!  And while I’m on the names of my cousins, please notice that my aunt Wanda and Uncle Harv had an affinity for nature themed names.  Love it. 

It didn’t get any better from there either …

I would tell you that they don’t normally act this way, but that would be a big ole lie.  In fact, this is probably on the mild side.  It was still early in the day. 

I am so very thankful for my family.  I am thankful for the fun times we share, the love and laughter we share.  I am even thankful for the sorrows we’ve experienced together simply because those sorrows tighten our bonds, make us stronger and more appreciative of the ties that bind. 

moral of the story:  mamaw taught us well.  She would be proud.


4 Comments on “* ties that bind …”

  1. Marjorie Markham

    Now Melinda, what on earth are you talking about? Me? Say something on here? Should I just meet him at the courthouse where you could be a witness my dear step-child?

  2. chrisi

    we have a wonderful family! :)

  3. wendy b

    Leave it to Harv and Wanda to start showing out…I should have been there to make sure they were behaving! I guess we all just have a little craziness in our blood:-) and it all came from Mamaw! Love you, Love the Fam and Love the crazy Harv and Wanda!
    I can’t wait to call my dad and tell him he’s made the BLOP!

  4. chrisi

    wendy–you could just text uncle harv since he is becoming a pro-texter. :)

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