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Posted on February 13th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


As much as it truly pains me to say this … (Eric) mr. preacher man is the winner of today’s gift.  There were 36 pieces of junk in the jar.  Some of them were fairly large pieces and took up lots of room.  Thank you all for playing along.   I can take some solace in the fact that he won simply because I know he will give the book to his lovely wife, Anita.  We’ll be having another give away soon, and even though I’m not gonna tell you what it is, I’ll give you a hint … it smells really good!

and ps to all you first time commenters:  come back, we have some fun around here on occassion!


 Whew!  What a busy day.  We had our first women’s bible study today.  We are doing a series called Apples of Gold.  My friend, Donna, is hosting it at her house for the next few Saturdays.  I must tell you that the devil and I had more than one go round this morning and I almost didn’t go. I had to pull out the get off me devil slang more than once today.  I was not a very nice person to my family this morning.  (I did apologize)  I was not very chipper when I arrived at Donna’s, in fact, when Bobbi very politely asked me how I was, my response was “grouchy” which may or may not have been a slight understatement at that point.  This is where I need to share with y’all something about my church family girls … they don’t care if I’m grouchy or not, they were just glad I got there.  I love them.  In about 2 minutes from making my grouchy entrance, all of my grouchiness dissipated and went right out the door.  What had been a hectic, fussy, ugly morning quickly faded in to a very nice couple of hours spending time with friends, my oldest daughter and God.  The lesson today, ironically enough, was on kindness.  Don’t you just love God’s sense of humor?  So I decided to go with the whole kindness theme for the rest of the day and hopefully that will make one of you have a better tomorrow.

How can that happen?  Well, after bible study, Chrisi and I went to the bible book store.  I could spend hours there just looking at all of the material that catches my eye, not to mention the fact that I would really like to have a new study bible for yours truly.  I didn’t get me one today, I haven’t decided between The Message and The New Living Translation.  If any of you have either of those translations, I would love some input in helping me make my decision.  If it wouldn’t have been incredibly wrong of me, I may have stolen borrowed The Message bible that Donna had on her table this morning. 

Tonight’s post is a giveaway post.  There are several reasons why it’s a giveaway post:

#1.  I want to practice being kind for no reason what so ever.

#2. I enjoy and appreciate that you take time to stop by and read our blog.

#3. I really wanted an excuse to buy this gift.

#4. it’s Valentines Day eve and I want to share the love.

#5. I would like to borrow this gift from you when you are finished with it.

I’ll cut to the chase here … I am giving away one copy of Beth Moore’s newest book “So long, Insecurity you’ve been a bad friend to us”.  I haven’t read it yet, but when you finish with it, I plan to.   If you already have your own copy, please feel free to enter anyway, you can always practice being kind and give it to someone else.  If your significant other is a slacker like me and hasn’t bought your Valentines Day gift, then make them enter and it will save them some time, effort and money.  Have your kids enter you & win a gift for their sweet mama.  Feel free to pass the giveaway info along to your friends, they may like to enter too, remember, we are practicing being kind. 

All  you have to do to enter,  is guess what the total number of junk parts in this jar is.  I thought I should include my personal sweetheart in the giveaway, so in order to win you have to guess how many pieces of junk he can squeeze in to one jar.  I’ll give you a hint … it’s somewhere between 1 and 111.  I counted them already.  So there ya go, just scroll down to the comments section and enter your numeric guess.  The person closest to the actual number of items will be our winner.  I will announce the winner tomorrow night.  Good luck!

*just for posterity’s sake, Beth Moore does not know me, i am not being compensated for giving away her book, i bought and paid for it myself to give to you because i love you almost as much as i love krispy kreme (which i did not have today even though i was next door to the crack house krispy kreme store). 


25 Comments on “* me + you = <3 ...”

  1. Daddy Durmire


  2. denise

    58 u r probably the only person besides myself who truly understand what the word blunt means and use it on a daily basis

  3. Penny


  4. Marjorie Markham

    58…the yr I was born.

  5. cathy


  6. Michele


  7. Jodie


  8. eric

    32. Just my 2 cents but only because you ask. Go with the “New Living” translation. The Message is not an actual translation, it is a paraphrase, easily understood but some details are left out. Thanks for the Beth Moore book.. C-ya

    • melinda

      you’re welcome. even though i had no idea you were going to win when you wrote this comment and i chuckled to myself in hopes that someone would beat you! go ahead, tell me how rigged our blog contest are now! i dare you.

  9. Larissa

    Ok, Melinda. I am guessing 78 because I think your sweetheart is bound to be very creative. You always make me life. Now, will you please come to my house and take my kids away with you f or a while? We really need a change of season!!

  10. Larissa

    I can’t spell. . . Make me laugh 😉 I can’t type on this little phone either.

  11. Earpie

    I guess 79 No reason at all except its one more than the highest guess so far. Happy Valentines Day!

  12. Tammy G


  13. Jewel Warren


  14. Marjorie Markham

    ok, guess I missed seeing someone guess 58 so i will say……..73

  15. Courtney

    I’m going with 67. Totally random and probably waaaay off.

  16. Tina Privette Hilton

    84 probabloy to high

  17. eric

    Don’t jump to conclusions on my wife getting that book. I am sure I could be persuaded by the highest bidder. Can I get 15 hey now 15 do i see 15 in the back. Thanks

    • chrisi

      sure, i’ll give you 15 cents. :)

  18. cathy

    i must say i am a little disappointed….yesterday at church Mr. preacher man stated he wouldn’t win because the contest was rigged and only your bff or daughters always wins. so i know the competition Eric and you have so did you rig it just to show him he was wrong?????? just wondering….Ha Ha

    • melinda

      are you high? do you seriously think i would ever for any reason under the sun let him win anything on purpose? put the crack pipe down my bff!

  19. eric

    that what i thought Cathy but I didn’t want to say anything. Funny I complained a little and if you notice she said “tell me how rigged our blog contest our now” quote unquote to try to change my mind.

    • melinda

      would someone tell me what happened to love being kind and polite? i am so not feeling the kindess. bless my litle heart!

  20. eric

    I don’t know but I heard sermons on those topics this very week.

    • melinda

      mmhhmm me too … sermons from a really good preacher! maybe you ought to listen to him sometime! now, i will bring you your prize tomorrow night at church and you will kindly say thank you melinda and never ever be mean to me again. the end.

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