* randomness and eggs …

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I give up.  I have sat here for an hour and diligently tried to think of some earth shattering subject to blog about and I am still at an overwhelming nothing.  Maybe I’ve just run out of things to say?  Yeah, probably not, but for tonight, my brain is toast.  This state employee earned every penny of your tax dollars today.  Court was busy busy busy and my mind is just not on full function mode tonight.  But, I missed you, so I wanted to say hi.  Hi! 

Not only was work busy, the entire weekend was busy.  I am so looking forward to March 5th.  I will be taking a vacation day and heading to TN for Emma Joy’s 2nd birthday party.  It can’t get here quickly enough.  I miss that little booger like crazy.  There is nothing like hearing her hollar “m&m” from the backseat while I’m talking with Thad on the phone.  (she can’t say auntie m yet, so she just calls me m&m … or maybe, I closely resemble m&m’s in shape and size)  either way, her sweet voice is music to my hears.  The party theme this year will be princesses … obviously, in honor of her auntie m or not

I digress … the weekend was a blur.  I got up early Saturday morning and was actually productive.  I headed off to bible study and learned how to be a better wife.  Mrs. Betty was our teacher, she and Earl have been married for 57 years.  If she can’t teach me a bit about how to be a good wife, most likely no one can.  The food was once again delicious and a good, informative time was had by all.  I must say, that I am truly surprised and delighted that all the ladies, including myself, were very honest concerning our personal marriages.  I don’t mean we shared gory details or anything, but sometimes it’s just nice to know you aren’t the only person who ever has struggles, big or small. 

After bible study and a round of torture picking up a few groceries, I came home long enough to turn around and leave again.  Saturday night was the Valentine’s Day banquet at the church house.  Richard and I were in charge of supervising the youth who were in charge of babysitting the little kids.  No one broke anything, no one got duct taped to any furniture, no one got lost … all in all it was a good night.  Until …

I was kidnapped.  Yep, kidnapped, more like wifenapped.  A bunch of the much younger folks were going bowling and my much younger husband wanted to go along.  #1.  I am a terrible bowler.  #2.  I was ready to come home.  #3.  I have no business out past midnight for any reason, I start to resmeble a pumpkin … wait, that’s before midnight too, nevermind.  But!  I practiced my bible study lesson and kindly told Richard if he wanted to go I would be very grouchy gladly go.  I’m glad I went and I’m glad I did … I kinda sorta maybe implied to Lorri  my anonymous friend I wouldn’t blog about her throwing the bowling ball in the other lane, so just ignore that I typed that.  I also won’t tell you that I laughed really hard as the ball was bouncing down the lane, thru the gutter, on top of the lane divider and back in to the lane.  It wasn’t funny at all, I felt very bad for her (cough).  I cannot believe I didn’t have my camera! 

Sunday morning I barely dragged my sleepy self out of bed in time for church.  After church, I came home and cooked all afternoon.  I made one of my favorite sweet treats.  In fact, I got the recipe from my professional bowler friend that I did not mention in the above paragraph. The recipe originally came from my favorite cook ever, Paula Deen.  Any woman whose 2 favorite ingredients are sugar and butter is my kinda woman.  You can find the ooey gooey cake recipe here.  Don’t make it unless you plan to make it a million more times.  It’s addictive.  My family loves me when I make it and then they argue about who ate more than their fair share.  I don’t bother telling them I ate the majority of it while they were asleep.  No reason to let them miss the fun of a good debate.  I also made a chicken pie that didn’t turn out so great, I was disappointed. 

In my randomness here, I do want to share a secret with you.  In the midst of the kitchen explosion cooking yesterday, I whooped up some deviled eggs.  If you ever make deviled eggs, I have a quick tip for you.  After you boil your eggs … stick them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.  It makes them so much easier to peel.  Try it some time, you can thank me later. 

I ended up the weekend with our 2nd Sunday night serve.  I did cards again and once again enjoyed it very much. 

That sums up my weekend, I am worn out just thinking about it.  Next weekend is looking much less busy.  I think I will practice my saying “no” skills if anything other than bible study comes up.  This girl is ready for some relaxation! 


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  1. Marjorie Markham

    I too had a busy weekend. Kevin had to be in Charlotte for the Regional Wrestling Tournament for the 4A division. The team and all us parents were there til about 8pm Friday night. I decided for once I was going to spoil myself and I got a room where the team was staying just so I could get to sleep earlier and get up later. Well, that never happened. I conned Britt and her friend Amanda into sleeping there with me and they didnt come in til 2:30am and then Britt and I talked til 3:30am. Needless to say, we were up by 7am when the coaches in the room next to mine got up. So much for my treat. We finally got home at 9pm Saturday just in time to unlock the door for Kayla and her boyfriend. So much for going to bed early that night too. Good thing is, I get to do it all over again this weekend only in Greensboro for the State Wrestling Tournament since Kevin came in 2nd place in the 215# weight class. How about you just rest for me and you both?

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