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Posted on February 27th, 2010 by melinda in The Church House

Ladies bible study …

I get to bible study this morning and grab my camera out of my bag … instantly I hear “oh no, melinda’s got the camera out, she’s gonna put us on the bawg!”  They may know me a little too well!  So, don’t tell them I posted their pictures … it can be our secret. 

Today’s lesson:  How to love your children better.  Look, I was practicing even before the actual lesson.  I was sucking up trying to be the teachers pet.

Sherry was our teacher today.  I’m not sure who decided who would teach each lesson, but I have to say, the choices of which ladies taught what lessons have been an added bonus and blessing to our bible studies.  Sherry is the mother of 2 great young men.  She is an outstanding example of a caring mother.  I have admired her mothering skills for many a year now.  She did not disappoint today.

My favorite picture of the day …

I have nary a clue what the conversation between miss Betty and Kristi was, but this picture alone embodies the very foundation of what our bible study is all about … older ladies of the church mentoring younger ladies.  I watched them for several minutes before I snapped this picture, they were deep in conversation, I was almost scared to click the camera because I didn’t want to interrupt.  What an incredible gift the older ladies at my church are, they are definately one of our biggest treasures.  And the young lady in this picture … she has grown up to be such a beautiful, intelligent, fun young woman. 

She was all smiles this morning … I think one of those handsome boys that belong to Sherry had taken this one out to an early breakfast, maybe that had something to do with this smile!

I think I have a little selfish motivation in my enjoyment of our bible study.  You see, my oldest daughter gets to learn so many things from so many wonderful people.  She is gaining knowledge that will serve her well as she grows in to woman hood, one days becomes a wife and mother herself, she will have some really good advice stored up in that pretty little head of hers.

She’s already a pretty smart kid … she knows to suck up to her other mother for some good advice.  Heaven knows Cathy is my role model when it comes to the wife department.  Richard is greatful daily for all the lessons I’ve learned from Cathy over the years.

And her relationship with Bobbi is blossoming.  They have a very common intrest … Chrisi has Bobbi’s son Caleb in her Wednesday night class.  They get to learn new ideas from eachother.  Bobbi is such a great mom too, her patience amaze me, Caleb is growing to be a great young man.  I’m so glad she and Kevin found their way to our little church family, it just wouldn’t be the same without them. 

It’s funny how we just all fit together like a puzzle, all unique and different but each of us part of God’s bigger plan for our church house …

Like Susan for instance … I’ve just really gotten to know Susan over the past year.  She’s been at the church house forever I guess, and even though we were certainly aquaintance before, this past year, we’ve really taken the time to get to know eachother.  We’ve done several service nights together and just some other doors have been opened for us to get to know eachother more.  I admire her so very much.  She is exceptionally kind hearted, she’s a great, caring, involved mom, wife, daughter and daughter in law.  Today was the first time she got to join us at bible study, I am so glad she did and I really hope she’ll be back, she had so much to add to our lesson.

And Lorie, she always brings a new perspective to the discussion.  I’m so excited that she is learning new and useful things for her future.  Her mom, Judy, wasn’t with us today and we missed her! 

Our hostess with the mostest …

That would be Donna, she’s the one on your left … each week, she opens her home to us.  We are greeted by great smells and stuff like this …

Beautifully set tables with nice dinner ware …

Scrumptious food and lots of it.  I posted some of the recipes here, I will try to get some more posted tomorrow.  I haven’t eaten anything yet that wasn’t delicious.  My family and yours will enjoy these recipes, be sure to check them out. 

And that’s not all …

Each week, she has some sort of nice gift to send home with us.  She made these crosses herself, I’m impressed!  But then again, I do not have a crafty bone in my body.  I think I’m jealous.

Please meet Donna’s secret weapon … her mom Karen.  I just have to tell you that I think Karen moonlights as a mom/hostess, she’s really wonder woman in disguise.  I enjoy just talking to her.  Her talents are beyond belief and the simple fact that she is willing to come cook and clean for all us to be able to enjoy our bible study is a blessing beyond measure.  I may have to work out something with Donna to borrow her mom every now and again.

It was yet another morning of good conversation, great food and wondeful fellowship.

And I included this picture for one reason and one reason only … it was the only one I had with Denise in it that didn’t look like she was telling me I was #1 in not so nice a fashion.  This may very well be the last blog post you have to endure because I would say there is a 50% chance she will mame or kill me tomorrow when I see her. 

For those of you who didn’t get to join us today, we missed you.  There was some laughter, some tears, some deep lessons learned but most importantly we all learned how to love our children or our future children just a little bit more.

just as a side note to the post … tomorrow is bring a friend to church sunday at the church house.  if you don’t have a church home, i would love for you to come be my friend tomorrow at my church house! 


6 Comments on “* the church house ladies …”

  1. chrisi

    i love all of the pictures and i have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from our bible study!

  2. denise

    r u ready to meet your maker?

    • melinda

      you know you make me very afraid! enjoyed lunch.

  3. Marjorie Markham

    I really loved the self taken pic of you and Chrisi. Treasure that one for a long time.

  4. Sandy

    It is great to have a wonderful house of loving mothers and daughters. Good you can have fellowship on Saturday morning. I know my Aunt Betty is a special person. Good pictures!!!!

  5. Lorrrie

    those were great pics Melinda

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