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Posted on March 2nd, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

It’s snowing again.  Hopefully it will stop soon without leaving a mess behind.  I was looking back at some old blog post from last year … did y’all know it snowed last year on March 1st?  I realize today is the 2nd but lets not get overly picky mmkay.  I was thrilled to see snow last March, this March … not so much.  I am so ready for warm weather, while I was looking thru old post, I realized we went camping for the first time last year over the Easter weekend.  I am so ready to go camping!  If I dare open my mouth to complain when it’s 110 degrees and humid come mid July, someone please feel free to slap me.  I promise I won’t hit you back.

The biggest reason I need for it not to be yucky is this …

I have an extremely important date this weekend.  The youngest princess is having a birthday!  Her princess party is on Saturday and it’s a must that her auntie m and crew are in attendance.  How could she possibly celebrate without us?  Her Bapa is ahead of the game, he left for TN today.  To say I am a bit jealous would be an understatement.  I absolutely cannot wait to see her.  The girls, Jeff, my aunt and my cousin will all be loading up Friday to head that direction.  I will be posting lots of birthday pictures over the weekend so be sure to stop by and check them out.

Between now and Friday I have about a gazillion things that I need to get done.  I thought I would share them with you and each of you can pick one off the list that you would like to do for me!  Yay … it’s an ingenious plan.  So where shall I start my list?

#1. the 16 piles of laundry that are now seperated in my bedroom floor.

#2. cleaning my bathroom … I promise there is no mold, no mushrooms growing behind the toilet or any skid marks in the toilet.  I do not promise that you won’t find enough stray hair in there to make some sort of small animal. 

#3. grocery shop so that my husband does not starve while I’m gone.  or if you are cathy, you can cook him individual meals, label them, put them in order by days with explicit instructions of what to eat when.  then he can tell all the other husbands what a wonderful wife you are as their wives are giving him the stink eye.

#4. birthday shop for a 2 year old. 

#5. pack my clothes.  this will include having to fold them when whomever volunteers to do the laundry is finished.  feel free to volunteer for both of these task at once, it will earn you extra brownie points.

#6. bake brownies for whomever chooses #5.

#7. make sure both of my children are packed and ready to go at a reasonable hour on Friday, so that Jeff nor myself has to blow a gasket while waiting on them to get ready.  this will make my 7 hour drive much better.  it will also probably include refereeing at least one knock down drag out between the girls concerning who packed what of the other siblings.

#8. remind richard every hour for the next 3 days that nothing, and I mean nothing had better happen to Janie while we are gone.  it would be bad enough if something happened to one of the other dogs but if he neglects Janie we will so be cut out of any inheritance we may be in line for. 

#9. remind me that I will need to actually pay attention when my youngest daughter tells me that we just missed the detour sign … this will save me approximately 6 hours and a lot of repenting. 

I think that should be a good start.  It’s only Tuesday, the list could grow.  Please feel free to scurry right on down to the comment section and sign up.  I’m sure the options will narrow quickly so you may want to hurry.  I will sit right here, patiently awaiting your response.   I’ll bring you a cup of coffee or something while I watch you work, and I promise to be quiet and stay out of your way.  It’s the very least I can do.


5 Comments on “* a very important date …”

  1. Courtney

    Yay for Emma Joy’s birthday! :)

    I hope you’re able to get all your things done so you can have a super-duper fun time in Tennessee!

  2. Marjorie Markham

    Have a safe trip. I am sure Thad has a washer, so just scoop up your dirty clothes you want to take and let him wash them for you. This way you have clean clothes for when you return. I could come over and drink coffee and let you work but I promise, I WILL TALK. Sorry, just no stopping that part. Love ya

  3. Jodie

    I will do #4. Have a great time in TN.

  4. eric

    Faith wanted to know if there was any remnants of anything princess if she might have them.

    • melinda

      please tell Faith that I feel sure that between myself, anna and chrisi we can most likely escape with some princess loot to haul back to NC especially for her! also, please tell Faith that she made my night. I appreciated her sweet comment about my hair cut, she used exceptionally good manners! (must get that from her mama)!

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