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Posted on March 9th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Compassion Bloggers: Kenya 2010

I know, I know … I am suppose to be posting birthday pictures of the littlest princess … but I’ve encountered a problem.  I have no attention span.  I found myself half way around the world, tears flowing down my face and my check book out trying to find an extra $38.00 per month. 

I read lots of blogs, way more than I read my own blog.  I write this, so I’ve pretty much got the info prior to posting it.  And truly, my blog post haven’t been anything overly inspiring and not really humorous as of late.  I’ve been in some what of a blogging slump.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy blogging, I just sit down to write and my mind goes blank, so I’ve just spent that extra time trolling around other blogs I enjoy. 

Tonight, I made the fatal mistake of heading over to pastor (who really isn’t a pastor per say) Ryan’s blog.  For the next hour, my fingers nor my eyes, not to mention my heart were leaving his blog until I soaked in every last drop of his current experience.  If you are brave, grab a box of kleenex and head over.  If you aren’t brave, just don’t go.  It’s the best plan.

I find myself now, sitting here in the comfort of my own home, and believe you me, it’s no glorious mansion … but it is spacious and it’s warm and clean.  I have running water and an actual toilet.  It’s the little things that get me.  The fact that we have 3 tv’s … why do we need 3 tv’s? (thats just a small random example)  I’m not trying to guilt myself in to making a decision.  A decision to sponsor a child I will most likely never meet … but I am spending some time in fervent prayer, asking God to show me that additional $38.00 that I just don’t see in my budget.  You know what, that’s a flat out lie.  I know where the money could come from, so let me rephrase that … I’m spending time in prayer asking God to grant me some will power to hand over a vice or two that I have long sense needed to let go of. 

This post isn’t for the purpose of asking you to sponsor a child, that’s what the other bloggers who are on the trip are doing.  This post is to ask you to take 2 or 134 minutes out of your schedule and spend some time looking at photo’s and reading accounts of what bloggers, just like me but with much larger audiences, are doing to make a difference in the life of one child at a time. 

It makes me uncomfortable in my own skin that I don’t sponsor a child nor have I ever felt any great need to.  I get the instant Sally, whats her face, image of my money being sent straight to her pocket book in my head when I see sponsor children commercials.  I just flip the channel, it’s much easier to just look away.  And I rationalize by telling myself that I try to do good things for people here in our community … not nearly what I should, but enough to make me feel satisfied for about a fraction of a second.  And that my friends, is a terribly raw and hard thing to admit.  Maybe God is convicting me about some areas of my life that I need to deal with and He is using bloggers far around the world to bring some of that to my life in a real way. 

I won’t leave you with an “enjoy the other blog” comment tonight … you shouldn’t enjoy it.  But hopefully, it will make you think.


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  1. Michele


    I have to agree with you, Compassion International is a great great ministry!! I follow along with them on Beth Moore’s blog, her daughter Melissa went on a mission trip there and her stories and pictures really opened my eyes. She actually got to meet her sponsor child! If you ever wanted to give to this type of ministry for the children, this is the one. The money and gifts truly go to this cause, I encourage everyone to check it out. I have thought about letting Chelsie and Logan sponsor a child, just to truly show them how blessed they are and how other children in the world live. Thanks for sharing!

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