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Posted on March 17th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

Life on the edge is not just a slogan around here …

The edge of what could often be a reasonable question.  It isn’t my fault.  I blame it squarely on the adult female influences in my life.  I will share 2 prime examples with you tonight. 

Do you see this?


This my friends, is a poor innocent marshmellow peep.  Sitting there, doing nothing.

And then …


Along came Anna.  It turned ugly for the peep.  It’s my mother in laws fault, she taught my children this trick.  She’s such a good influence on her grandchildren.  They love her.

Stick the poor unsuspecting peep in your microwave, turn it on for about 15 seconds and watch the peep explode!  How sad are we?  Wait, don’t answer that! 

It may not be as sad as the next part of this story …

Once, way back in the day, my parents were visiting my brother in Charleston.  He use to live there, anyway, they went to visit near Easter time when marshmallow peeps were in season.  My mother had an odd addiction to marshmallow peeps.  She wasn’t typically much on eating a lot of sweets (unless you count the Valentine’s Day candy she once locked in the car to avoid eating but that is an entirely different story and not one I’m sure I will ever share for shear fear of her haunting me)  anyway … moving along, while visiting Thad, she somehow got her hands on an entire potload of marshmallow peeps.  She ate every last one.  I’m not sure exactly how many, but it was a bunch.  Sometime later in the day, she starts itching, swelling up and breaking out in some weird hives.  She had eaten so many peeps, she had an allergic reaction to the dye in them and swelled up like a big ole puffy microwaved peep herself.  I realize it probably isn’t proper to tell funny stories on your mama when she isn’t here to explain the logic of her side of the story, and I can promise you, she would have had some logic that would make you wonder why you had never eaten enough marshmallow peeps to swell up like a toad and break out in hives.  She was persuasive like that!

I will opt out of telling you my dreaded peep story, there is no reason to cause anyone to have nightmares or call PETA on me. 


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