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Posted on March 25th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

I have one question tonight … it’s a very simplistic question but one that has become a phenom around this house.  How in the world does my child end up with so many clothes that do not belong to her.  Let me correct that, they do belong to her now … because in her estimation she either A. borrowed them with no intent of ever giving them back B. straight up stole them out of someones truck with their knowledge of course or C. some unsuspecting child left it at our house or in her car without knowing that in her estimation that by you leaving it there it now belongs to her. 

She did laundry today after getting home from class.  I’ve always wondered why she never does laundry while I’m at home … now I know.  She also made the mistake of leaving the house prior to 2 loads of laundry being finished, rendering it my responsibility to fold or hang up.  As I am standing here folding the endless piles of laundry * side note * Anna has the innate ability to fit 3,642 items in the washer and dryer at one time … this very thing has been the source of more than one disagreement between the two of  us, it drives me insane *  anyway, I’m folding this giant heep of laundry and it occurs to me that we have never to my knowledge purchased the first thing that says “mossy oak” for either of our daughters, yet we have lots of mossy oak attire, how? why? … Maybe I should make a public service announcement right quick … ehhemm.

Hear ye Hear ye … if your child is missing half of their wardrobe (which you most likely purchased) and they have either visited our house, vactioned with or ridden with my child … there is a good possibility that your missing items may be at my house.  We will be having a yard sale in a few weeks, at which time you can purchase it back at a substantially reduced price.  Thank you for tuning in … now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

I must say, the girl has pretty good taste.  She also has an affinity for hoodies.  We have enough ACHS hoodies to cloth an entire 3rd world country.  If we ever go bankrupt, we can just sew all these clothes together and make us a fine, very large, very plush tent, we probably even have enough waterproof jackets to throw on top so we could stay dry for a good while. 

I am a bit concerned about the lack of socks I am coming across.  I guess we don’t wear socks very often around here.  I know I hate socks, they make me feel all confined and claustrophobic.  Both of the girls wear uggs, which should never under any circumstances be worn with socks, so I can kind of see that … but Anna wears cowgirl boots or barn boots or riding boots about 3/4 of the time, and surely surely she wears socks with those.  Maybe she is trading her socks for hoodies?  If you happen to have an over abundance of socks that don’t belong to you, we may need to meet for lunch and swap out a few items. 

And pajama pants?  I know for certain out of the 6 pair that I just folded at least 3 of them belong to someone else.  1 pair I know she plain ole stole from David out of his camper one weekend, bless him, I guess I know why he never comes out of his camper after dark now.  Someone remind me to get those back to him.  The others, I have no clue about. 

I suppose I will get back to folding laundry now, I just thought you may need to inventory your children’s closet just in case they are have been hanging out with my child and are now running around freezing and half naked. 

Before I go, I will leave you with a funny story about how stealing borrowing clothes can ruin your day.  A couple of weeks ago, for some unknown, unwise reason, myself and both of my daughters were riding to Sunday night church together in the same vehicle … Anna is wearing a sweatshirt that Chrisi shoplifted from a long ago boyfriend (like her sophomore year in high school, she is now a college senior, we don’t mess around when we borrow) anyway, Chrisi looks at Anna and says “are you wearing my sweatshirt”?  to which Anna replies “I am wearing the sweatshirt you stole from _ _ _ _ about 7 years ago and never gave back”.  After a minute or so of thinking on that, Chrisi says, “well, it looks better on you anyway, it was way too big for me”!  Anna whips her head around, curls flying, and says “are you calling me fat”?  Me, I was laughing to myself waiting to see how this would play out.  Chrisi, who is not known for her quick comebacks says “oh no … that isn’t what I meant, um well hoe dididdee hum … what I meant was, well, um … the arms are way too long for me, they just swallow me whole and it fits your arms cause your arms are much longer than mine”.  I was like “whaaaa?, is that really the best you can come up with”?  Then Anna whips out her best Napoleon impersonation and says “hey Tina ya fat tub a lard, come get you some dinner”  and then Chrisi looks at her in a state of confusion and says “never mind Anna, just keep the shirt”! 

ps: I am completely insane crazy over the picture at the top of this post.  I want it for my house!  I have no clue why, I just love it. 


2 Comments on “* how to increase your wardrobe Anna style …”

  1. Marjorie Markham

    I love the part of the siblings arguing. I was laughing my head off as I remember Kayla and Britt having many conversations similar to this. Very funny.

  2. Judy

    You never have a dull moment at your house.

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