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Posted on March 29th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

There are just some conversations that are begging to be shared from the get go.  I had one of them tonight. 

I can honestly say, that in my wildest dreams, I never imagined getting a facebook chat message that said “Goo and Dimp’s son found some false teeth in his recliner today and didn’t know who they belonged to”!  For one minute in time, I was speechless.  Just how do you answer that question?  Other than the obvious “you are a liar” response?  Which is exactly what my response was.  I said “you cannot be serious” … my facebook friend informed me that yes she was in fact serious and apparently the case of the mysterious set of upper false teeth had cause quite the commotion amongst the Mill Hill crowd this afternoon.  Can I just say that there are times in my life that I truly wish that I lived in Stony Point?  Bethlehem is so boring.  (And if one of you points out the fact that there is some speculation that I really am from the Mill Hill … we can no longer be friends).  I am glad to report, that after a flurry of phone calls, the missing teeth have been returned to their rightful owner, who was in fact, very concerned about their whereabouts.  Whew … a crisis was avoided! 

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting the eastern end of our county, better known as Stony Point … I thought I might share a few tips with you that may help you survive, and then again, they may not!

#1.  if you are ever attending a receiving for someone who dies, it is completely proper to use the unhinged front door as a wheel chair ramp if there is no actual wheel chair ramp available … do not sit on the porch and gawk with your mouth wide open (trust me on this one, you will be the one who looks like an idiot, I mean, not that I ever did that or anything).

#2.  learn everyone’s nickname prior to going to Stony Point, this will take you approximately 12 years and you will still mess them up no matter how hard you try to get it right.  you will never know anyone over the age of 50 real name, don’t bother trying to figure it out.  don’t ask why or how they got that nickname, you most likely do not want to know, just go with it and smile a lot.

#3.  if you happen to be a western end of the county girl who spends the majority of your time on the east side of the county, or at least in the middle of the county, do yourself a favor and find some good friends from the east end who will accompany you anywhere you may wander by accident out of your normal grazing location.  life will be much easier for you.

#4.  learn quickly that the sound of a gun going off in close proximity at any given hour of the day is normal … you don’t really have to hide in your daddy’s car and worry that you may not make it out of there alive, it will be ok. 

#5.  all house decorations inside or out are fair game and acceptable.  there are no wrong choices in decorating, to each his own applies in all situations.

#6.  eat at the dairy bar if you can get in the door and have cole slaw on whatever you order.  it’s a rule.

#7.  do not get offended when they refer to you as “a snotty west girl” even if you really were not ever snotty or snobby or whatever else they still call you to this day just because you happen to be born on the wrong side of the county. 

#8.  know and understand this above all … you will never have the privilege of meeting better people in your life.  nor will you probably ever have another chance to eat homemade turtle soup, made special by Goo and served in a dog lot!

#9.  the folks from the east end of our county have been so good to my family, they will always hold a special place in my heart for never failing to make me feel right at home.  it would do you good to spend some time down that way.  my children would both like to someday live on the east end of our county … it’s a good place to be.

somethings should just not be taken for granted!

And for the love of all that is good … if you happen to wear false teeth, please, make sure they are in your mouth before you leave your neighbor’s house. 


3 Comments on “* east side story …”

  1. Tammy G

    I love it good job. I swear your roots grow to the east end.

  2. Judy

    Melinda, mother is from Stony Point. Would you have known that?

    • melinda

      judy, i did not know that … wow.

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